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Scaffolding Contractors

We’ve been selling policies for over 30 years, and we can tailor your insurance to your precise needs.

Electrical Contractors

From a panel of leading insurers, we’ll find you a competitive electrical contractors insurance.

Building Contractors

Our policies will protect your business and employees should anything happen.

Roofing Contractors

Insurance specifically designed to protect your business against any risks it may encounter.

Cleaning Contractors

We’ll find a policy to suit your company’s needs no matter the size of your operation.

Plumbing & Heating

Cover is specifically arranged to meet the needs of plumbing and heating firms.


  • Air conditioning & refrigeration contractors
  • Fencing contractors insurance
  • Building contractors
  • Kitchen fitters insurance
  • Carpenters and joiners insurance
  • Drainage contractors insurance
  • Cleaning contractors insurance
  • Plumbing & heating contractors insurance
  • Painters & decorators
  • Roofing contractors
  • Double glazing contractors
  • Scaffolding contractors
  • Electrical contracting
  • Window cleaners insurance

Your Insurance Solution

No matter the trade or size of your contractors business, Plan will arrange quality protection at a highly competitive premium. Our expert team keep contractors insurance simple. See their outstanding reviews.


We understand the risks you face as a Construction and Contractor professional. Below we have compiled some commonly asked questions that explain the key features of Construction & Contractors Insurance, from essential elements of insurance to optional add-ons, to ensure that you and your business have the right cover.

Why do I need Construction or Contractors insurance?

Construction workers and contractors both typically work in high-risk environments each day. Whether you’re working on a construction site or a commercial property, every day comes with its own challenges that can prevent you from doing the best job for your client.

A policy from Plan Insurance Brokers will safeguard you from these challenges and protect your business, allowing you to focus all your energy into perfecting your craft.

What does Construction or Contractors insurance cover?

Construction and Contractor insurance policies cover a property during the time construction is taking place whether it’s being renovated or repaired. These policies are usually taken out by the property owner or contractor. The main risks you could face are Property damage, Income loss, Employee injuries and Liability risks.

Construction and contractor’s insurance policies usually include:

Client Risk Management Tools

Having the right risk management procedures in place is vitally important for construction firms. Correct, up to date document templates and guides can help you minimise risk and remain compliant with regulations. Failure to do so could result in huge potential liabilities as well as the threat of criminal prosecution.

As part of our goal to prevent claims we offer our construction and contractors clients personalised Health and Safety documents, Risk Assessments, Method Statements and much more. These additional documents are supplied to your business at no extra cost when you take out a policy with Plan. Read more about our construction site and contractors risk management services here.

Our new package now includes business continuity templates that are updated annually which you can use as guidance and to track your business operations. With this, you will also receive regular notifications regarding legislation changes that are relevant to your business. Read more about our extensive free Construction Site Risk Management Templates as well as the additional, very cost effective solutions offered by our Plan Essentials support package.

Can I be insured if I’m self-employed with no employees?

At Plan Insurance Brokers, we arrange cover for a wide variety of clients ranging from sole traders, to contractors working in a partnership or as part of a multinational company.

Being self-employed gives you great opportunities to select the clients you work with and the projects you wish to undertake. Whilst organising your new projects, sites and clients, you must also make sure you have the correct insurance in place.

Our expert advisors will help to provide you with tailored cover that safeguards your business against all potential threats, whilst you can focus on running your business.

Why choose Plan Insurance Brokers?

We understand the risks you face as a Construction and Contractor professional.

There may be a time when a client loses money through a mistake that you or your employees have made. We will work with you to develop a bespoke policy based on your individual needs which will protect you against property damage, third-party injuries or damage claims.

We have extensive experience dealing with construction covers, including contractors all risks, contract works, liability and many more.

You will benefit from:

  • Exclusive access to Health and Safety documents, Risk and Method Assessments, Business Continuity templates and more – for no extra cost to your policy.
  • Competitive premiums from leading insurers.
  • Expert advice based on over 30 years’ experience.
  • Award-winning, Feefo Platinum Standard rated customer service.

If you have any more questions regarding Construction and Contractors insurance or would like a quote, please call our expert team who will be very happy to assist.

Contact Plan Insurance Brokers now to speak to our dedicated advisors on 0800 954 0778, complete an online quote form request a call back.


Other products you may be interested in

Motor Fleet Insurance

Having a comprehensive motor fleet policy for your business makes your job easier by reducing driver’s restrictions and allowing you to regularly add or remove vehicles from your policy. A fleet can be just three cars to thousands of vehicles. With our fleet insurance, these can be covered under one easy to manage single policy and can be used for a variety of uses within the business.

  • Fleets from 3+ vehicles
  • New ventures and minimal no claims bonus can be catered for
  • UK and European usage*
  • Low policy excesses
  • Any driver policies
  • 24/7 Tools and Equipment cover available
  • Access to over 30 motor fleet insurers

*Please note that, after the 1st January 2021, you will need a green card if you are travelling to Europe. Get in touch to find out more or read our blog on the subject.

The following areas of risk should also be considered when arranging your insurance:

What claims support do you offer?

Our informed advice and independent claims guidance, based on over 30 years of industry experience, all comes as part of the service. Our motor claims help line will also proactively report incidents to your insurer on your company’s behalf and arrange courtesy vehicles whenever possible.

That should all go without saying. Though, we do also offer the following innovative claims solutions:

Loss Adjuster Assistance Insurance – Should you need to make a claim on your commercial insurance with a value in excess of £5,000 having unlimited advice from a professional loss adjuster could prove a fantastically helpful resource to draw upon. We offer an insurance policy that will provide a  personal loss adjuster who can prepare and present your claim to your insurers. They’ll also be able to negotiate with them, organise interim payments from your insurers where necessary, attend insurer meetings and handle all correspondence. Read more about the incredibly useful support that a Loss Adjuster Assistance Insurance policy can offer for comparatively low premium.

HSE Assistance Inspection Assistance – An unannounced inspection or an investigation by HSE following an accident could have a serious impact on your business. We offer an insurance service that provides businesses regulated by the HSE with reassurance of knowing that should they need it, they’ll have 24/7, 365 days a year access to assistance to minimise any downtime and distraction. Your business will have cover to help meet the costs of a Health and Safety Executive intervention. Your team will also receive guidance from a Health and Safety expert to help you handle the Health and Safety Executive inspection process, review relevant documentation and to draft a response. If the HSE wish to conduct an interview under caution’ cover for legal fees to represent you are an added benefit. Read more about this low cost HSE Assistance Inspection Assistance solution that could prove highly valuable.

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