Executive Hire & Chauffeur Insurance

Quality Cover For Quality Operators

Our Executive Hire and Chauffeur insurance is specially tailored for drivers who carry passengers in high-end luxury vehicles.

Whether you are self-employed or a contracted worker, we can provide your business with high-quality cover, at competitive premiums.

With a policy from Plan, you can benefit from the following as standard:

  • Accident management cover
  • Unlimited vehicle glass cover
  • Exclusive second vehicle discount
  • Protected no claims bonus from 1 year

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** Plan clients can get £50 credit towards their renewal for each friend they refer when they purchase a qualifying policy. The new client also gets £50 off their policy. Terms & conditions apply, visit this page for more details.

Your Insurance Solution

No matter the size of your chauffeur business, Plan will arrange quality protection at a highly competitive premium. Our expert team keep chauffeur insurance simple. See their outstanding reviews.


Below we have compiled some commonly asked questions that explain the key features of Executive Hire & Chauffeur Insurance, from essential elements of insurance to optional add-ons, to ensure that you and your business have the right cover.

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What is Executive Hire and Chauffeur Insurance?

Executive Hire and Chauffeur insurance is designed for drivers who carry passengers in high end luxury vehicles. As a chauffeur driver, you typically drive a high value executive saloon for pre-booked events, or on an ongoing corporate contracted basis.

We offer bespoke cover to drivers that are contracted, self-employed and businesses that have a mixed use of public hire, private hire and chauffeuring work.

Who needs Executive Hire and Chauffeur Insurance?

This cover is essential for anyone who takes passengers for profit in a car of higher than average value, and where the journey has been booked in advance.

Having a motor insurance policy is required by UK law, but a standard policy will not suffice if you take bookings and charge your customers for the journey they need to take.

Executive Hire and Chauffeur Insurance is specifically designed to protect you against any risks you may face as a professional driver, whether you are at fault or not.

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Exclusive second vehicle discount

At Plan Insurance Brokers, we understand our chauffeur clients may have another professional driver occupation or may require a different type of car for a job. Because of this, we have worked with our insurer to offer a hugely competitive second vehicle discount, giving you the convenience of insuring multiple cars on one policy.

What cover does Executive Hire and Chauffeur Insurance provide?

A typical Insurance policy can be arranged to cover:

  • Public Liability Cover – in the event of a client or member of the public having an accident in your vehicle or place of work
  • Employers Liability – if you employ any staff, this is necessary by UK law, even if they are only part time volunteers
  • Cover for carriage of celebrities
  • “Like for like” guaranteed replacement hire vehicle in fault & non fault accidents – so your Mercedes S class isn’t replaced with a Frd Mondeo
  • Nationwide breakdown cover including home-start available.
Like for Like vehicle replacements

We can arrange cover to provide like for like replacement vehicles in the event of a fault.

If you have policy taken out with us and drive a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes S Class, if it has to go in for repair, you won’t have to pick up a high profile client in a less prestigious vehicle. Our 14 day guaranteed vehicle hire policy can prove incredibly valuable in these circumstances.

Why compare insurance policies to cover your Executive Hire and Chauffeur business with Plan Insurance Brokers?

At Plan, we are dedicated to getting to know our client’s businesses as well as they do.

That’s why we can offer an insurance policy that is solely exclusive to chauffeur and executive hire drivers.

We will work with you to create a bespoke insurance cover that will meet all of your driving requirements, at a competitive premium.

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