Public & Product Liability Insurance

Don’t Slip When Choosing The Right Protection

It is important to have the right insurance in place to protect your business from claims of bodily injury and property damage. Liability cover will allow you to continue with your day to day work whilst dealing with claims of negligence or wrongdoing. At Plan Insurance Brokers, we will work with leading insurers to provide you with comprehensive protection tailored to meet your needs.

You will benefit from:

  • Exclusive access to health and safety documents, risk and method assessments, business continuity templates and more
  • Competitive premiums from leading insurers
  • Cover tailored to your exact requirements
  • Award winning customer service and specialist advice

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What is public and product liability insurance?

Liability insurance protects your business from damages caused by bodily injury, property damage or products that you have provided, should they fail. This policy is aimed at covering the costs incurred to defend and settle claims if the worst were to happen.

What does public and products liability cover?

A typical liability policy may cover:

  • Personal injury
  • Defence costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Cost of repairs
  • Premises and operations liability
  • Products liability
Who needs public and products liability?

If your business designs, manufactures or supplies products to clients, then you should consider taking out a products liability insurance policy. This could protect you against injuries caused by a faulty product sold by your company.

Any business owner should think about taking out a public liability policy, to get covered for any injuries or property damage that may happen during their day to day activity.

What other cover might I need?

Once you have covered your liabilities with the correct insurance, you could look to take out the below policies to cover your business:

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