Earn When You Recommend

As a client of Plan Insurance Brokers you can save money and potentially even get your policy at renewal completely free. Pretty much all you have to do is start recommending us!

We have two “Refer a Friend” schemes. The relevant one to you will depend on the product type you place with us.

“Refer a Friend” Scheme – For Motor Trade Road Risk, Taxi & Private Hire Clients

Our “Refer a Friend” Scheme is designed for motor trade, taxi & private hire clients. Each time someone you refer buys a new qualifying policy, they’ll get £50 off and you’ll get £50 credit towards your renewal.

“Refer a Friend” Scheme – For All Commercial Clients

Commercial policies vary in size and value greatly. For that reason it doesn’t make sense to offer commercial clients a fixed referral credit amount. We simply ask that you mention to your account executive that you’d like to recommend us to your contacts. Your account executive can then make a bespoke arrangement with you. It will be based on the policy type, size and anticipated volume of referrals.

We trust you’re incredibly happy with the award winning service you receive from Plan. So you’d probably recommend us anyway?  Receiving credits in exchange for doing so is just an added bonus

How do the “Referral Credits” schemes work?

If you have your insurance policy with Plan Insurance Brokers, you can recommend us to as many of your contacts as you like. Every time one of your referrals purchase a new policy with us*, all they need to do is to mention your name or customer number (which can be found on the welcome email we have sent you and on your policy documents). They will get a discount off their policy, and you will get a credit, towards your renewal.

These credits will be noted on our system. The more policies you refer, the more money you save. So you could even end up with a free policy next year!

How do I start earning my “Referral Credits”?

As an existing client of Plan you can start referring contacts to accumulate credits right now. If you aren’t a Plan Insurance Brokers customer yet, all you need to do is to purchase a qualifying policy from us. You will then be able to start claiming your credits for each referral, which can then be redeemed at renewal.

To get a competitive quote and to purchase a policy with Plan now, use our Online Quote Form or call us on 0800 542 2740. Alternatively, you can arrange for us to Call You Now here.

* Please note that our Refer a Friend schemes are subject to conditions and a minimum value of £1232 for the new customer’s policy. For more info on qualifying policies and the full T&Cs, please visit this page.

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