Carry On, We Have You Covered

If you manage an entire haulage fleet, your business will be suffering whenever your vehicles are off the road.  To ensure maximum profit and efficiency, your employees and vehicles need to be in constant motion. Keep them on the move with Plan’s haulier’s insurance services.

You will benefit from:

  • Exclusive access to health and safety documents, risk and method assessments, business continuity templates and more – for no extra cost to your company
  • Competitive premiums from leading insurers
  • Expert advice based on over 25 years’ experience
  • Award winning customer service

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  • Courier
  • Plant hire
  • Haulage
  • Aggregates
  • Removals
  • Waste
  • Freight forwarding
  • Recycling


Below we have compiled some commonly asked questions that explain the key features of Haulage & Distribution Insurance, from essential elements of insurance to optional add-ons, to ensure that you and your business have the right cover.

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Do I need Haulage and Transport Insurance?

If your business is specifically dedicated to transporting goods, then you will need a policy that covers ‘Goods for Hire and Reward’ usage to guarantee you are fully covered whilst on the road.

The benefits of one policy covering your business is:

  • Complete flexibility – Any of your drivers are covered to drive your vehicles as and when required
  • Less management – One policy covering all of your vehicles means less paperwork and only a single renewal date to remember
  • Cost saving – Often, insuring a number of vehicles on a small fleet insurance policy can work out cheaper than having a range of policies
What type of Transport Insurance do I need?

You need a Hire & Reward Drivers Insurance Policy by law if you are driving a vehicle that is carrying goods that are not your own as part of your job. It is worth considering the value and nature of goods held in your vehicle also consider goods in transit insurance.

Client Risk Assessment Tools

Having the right business insurance in place with correct up to date document templates and guides can help you minimise the risk and liabilities that can take a huge hit on your companies’ profits.

We can now offer our clients personalised health and safety documents, risk assessments, method statements and much more for your business. These additional documents are supplied to you at no extra cost when you take out a policy with Plan.

Our new package now includes business continuity templates that are updated annually which you can use as guidance and to track your business operations. With this, you will also receive regular notifications regarding legislation changes that are relevant to your business.

What should I do if one of my fleet vehicles is involved in a motor accident?

Obtain full details of all parties involved in the accident including registration numbers, driver’s names and addresses along with any insurance company details with policy numbers (they are obliged to provide these details under the Road Traffic Act). You may also gather full names and addresses of any witnesses from the accident.

Contact Plan’s claims line as soon as possible to inform us of your accident. Visit this page to find the appropriate number claims number.

Do I need to report incidents if I don’t intend on claiming?

You must report all accidents, theft, attempted theft, fire and malicious damage accidents even if you are not going to make a claim against your insurance. This is due to the fact you are in a contract with your insurance provider and this will be stated in your terms and conditions to the policy. If you fail to report any accident to your insurer your policy could be declared void and result in you being uninsured.

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