Motor Fleet Risk Management

Motor Fleet Risk Management Solutions

We provide free access to an extensive library of motor fleet risk management tools. These should help you achieve best practice standards. They should also reduce the burden that, essential but time consuming fleet risk management can place on busy companies.

We believe telematics is highly beneficial to both motor fleet clients and our insurer partners. For that reason, we provide fleet owners with incentives for the adoption of integrated telematics systems.

The risk management improvements, potential long terms cost savings and the support we offer to implement telematics solutions are outlined below.

Integrated Telematics Solutions

Integrated telematics systems combine driver monitoring tools and dash-cam footage. They help to reduce risk, improve fleet efficiency and significantly lower insurance costs via the following methods:

  • Proactive FNOL – An automated crash detection function generates notifications to a 24/7 claims service. This team will intervene immediately to avoid 3rd party costs escalating unnecessarily due to late or unreported incidents. Fleet managers are also instantly informed. Video footage of incidents, that can prove vital when refuting false allegations, is supplied.
  • Collision Reporting App – Drivers should input the required claim details (including photos of the scene) into the system’s mobile app. This information is forwarded to relevant parties at the push of a button. Avoiding delays generates average claim savings of £1,550. This is from reductions in 3rd party repair and hire vehicle charges.
  • Replacement Commercial Vehicle – To minimise the impact to your operation of any fault or non-fault incident the claims service will arrange the prompt supply of a like for like commercial vehicle.
  • Driver Monitoring – Risk management reports highlight any concerning behaviour of individuals on the driver roster. Key indicators include speeding and erratic movements. Recommendations to improve driving performance are provided. Assistance can include telephone appraisals and one to one coaching sessions.
  • Driver Training – E-learning courses also available. Topics include amongst others; speed awareness, vulnerable road users, drug and alcohol awareness and safe towing / loading. The aim is to deliver higher driving standards amongst vehicle users who may regard themselves as engineers, plumbers, surveyors etc rather than a professional driver.
  • Improved Efficiency – As well as driver behaviour reports can be generated on: vehicle location, moving times, journey history and much more to help maximise productivity.
  • Streamlined eCommerce – Once cover is incepted, orders are picked, packed and sent to your company for install within 14 days of policy inception. The system’s impact will benefit your company without delay.
  • Cost Savings – Telematics can generate significant reductions in fleet overheads. Benefits for you company include: greater vehicle availability due to less collisions, reduced claims costs, lower insurance premiums, improved fleet efficiency, decreased fuel and maintenance bills.

Regardless of all the above information, one important factor that cannot be measured is the number of lives saved and serious injuries avoided as a result of telematics solutions.

Fleet Risk Management Resources

Fleet risk managers can efficiently achieve best practice standards with our indispensable: tool kits, templates, guides and safety handbooks. And the best part is they’re free to clients of Plan Insurance Brokers.

Before you pay for any risk management resource or arrange safety consultations, you should first consult with your account executive at Plan.

The following risk management resources for fleet managers are available in our document library. Each one can be made bespoke to display your company’s name and branding

  • Fleet Managers – fleet fraud prevention guide, driver history validation checklists, driver disciplinary procedure guides and templates, driver warning notices, driver selection and recruitment tools, fuel management checklists, accident preventability and counter measure guides, telematics cost benefit analysis.
  • Driver – best practice training tools, incident report forms and procedures, driver handbooks, defensive driving guide, avoiding criminal offences and motoring convictions training, returning to work action plan.
  • Vehicle – recommended telematics and tracker suppliers as well as implementation support, safety checklists, vehicle history validation checklist, vehicle maintenance guides, fleet efficiency guides.

Free Driver Safety Handbook Template download this document to see an example of the risk management assets that are available to clients of Plan free of charge.

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