Prevent the Preventable

Effective risk management can aid the reduction of your company’s insurance premiums. But it’s not just about proactively avoiding preventable accidents.

A systematic approach to risk management should review all areas of your business. It will establish best practice in each working part. Failing to meet these standards could have serious consequences.

At Plan we want to become indispensable advisors to your business. With that in mind we provide multiple risk management resources free of charge on topics such as: business continuity planning, cyber security, procurement, HR and compliance.

Different Companies, Different Solutions

At Plan we offer risk management solutions to businesses of all sizes, working within various sectors. Our free online tools provide the perfect level of support for most SME’s.

However, larger firms or those working within niche sectors may want or need to work through their risk management requirements with a dedicated professional. In this instance, we have relationships with expert risk management consultants for you to engage with.

Safety Matters

Our focus on safety means that we provide a breadth of resources to help reduce the burden of H&S on your company.

You can effortlessly generate documentation to: satisfy both the HSE and client requirements, find answers to specific H & S questions and to enable training that will educate your workforce on crucial risk management topics.

Our extensive risk management solutions include:

• 700+ industry risk summaries and checklists
• 1,500 resources to improve safety
• 400 materials to help with HR culture
• 300 resources to support regulatory compliance
• 500 resources to provide HSE guidance
• 200 resources to educate on emerging risks

You’ll find below specific examples of these risk management resources that are available to firms working in the following fields:

Motor Fleet Risk Management +
Construction Site Risk Management (including various trades) +
Property Portfolio Risk Management +

Free Online Risk Management Assistance

To provide added value to your business we offer free strategic support on risk management. This guidance includes essential industry specific guidance on safety along with support regarding: procurement processes, HR, regulatory compliance and more.

As well as controlling your insurance premiums, risk management can strengthen your tenders and reduce potential downtime. Our free tool kits, templates, guides and handbooks can be made bespoke with your company’s name and branding on. They will prove highly valuable resources that help you to work through labour intensive processes.

Visit the links below for specific information regarding the Risk Management services we can provide in the following areas…

Construction Risk Management Solutions

Achieve best practice standards with free access to an extensive library of construction risk management tools. These assets should reduce the burden that essential but time consuming construction risk management can place on busy companies.

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Motor Fleet Risk Management Solutions

We provide free access to an extensive library of motor fleet risk management tools. These should help you achieve best practice standards. They should also reduce the burden that, essential but time consuming fleet risk management can place on busy companies.

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Property Risk Management Solutions

Letting and property risk management can be involved, especially when overseeing services across a portfolio of sites. Our risk management tools will help simplify this process.

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Expert Risk Management Consultation

Your company may feel it needs the dedicated services of a risk management professional. Plan work with leading experts and will recommend a suitable partner to engage with.

A consultant will take the time to fully understand your business’s current processes and your requirements moving forward. With their support a successful and sustainable risk management programme will be delivered.

This bespoke solution should become ingrained in your company’s culture. Plan’s online support will also remain available on an ongoing basis to help maintain the benefits of your new risk management practices.

What is Risk Management?

Risk management identifies potential risks within businesses and implements preventative measures to reduce the chances that these factors might affect the operation.

Often risk management is associated purely with health and safety and the avoidance of accidents to ensure employee safety. Although this is a significant element of risk management, modern businesses are susceptible to a large number of threats. Effective risk management should have a broader remit and should seek to establish a full risk register.

This may encompass, amongst other initiatives to protect your company’s reputation and to reduce periods where trading might not be able to continue: business continuity planning for catastrophic events that could prohibit usual work patterns, cyber risk controls to help prevent increasingly common and debilitating online attacks, root-cause analysis of any reoccurring issues to increase efficiency as well as periodic procurement, HR and compliance practise reviews that may help avoid costly legal disputes.

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