Business Interruption Insurance

Keeping You Going, Whilst You’re Standing Still

If your premises were to suffer an event that results in its closure whilst repairs are made, how would this effect you financially? You would probably take a huge hit on monthly income. Plus the cost of any repairs may need to be paid for.

Business interruption cover is available as part of a commercial package insurance. It will cover you for loss of income that your company might have suffered in the event of the incident.

Taking out a policy with plan and select business interruption as an optional cover and you will also benefit from:

  • Competitive premiums from leading insurers
  • Cover tailored to your exact requirements
  • Award winning customer service and specialist advice

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What is covered by business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance will compensate you for loss of income whilst your business is unable to perform as usual.

How does business interruption work?

Having to close your business after an event such as fire or flood means you will miss out on your normal work activity and income for that duration of time. The business interruption section of your commercial policy will cover you for the lost income you have suffered from such an event.

What are probably the most common cause of a business interruption?

The most common cause of business interruption are fire and flood.

What is the purpose of business interruption insurance?

Business Interruption covers the loss of income in the event your business suffers a catastrophe. This policy will cover both the income loss and rebuilding costs after the accident.

What is a business interruption claim?

You would claim under the business interruption section of your commercial insurance policy if your business property became damaged, destroyed or inaccessible for a sustained period of time resulting in loss of income. Your policy should cover the income that is lost during the time you cannot perform your routine business.

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