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Managing your scaffolding contractor business undoubtedly takes a great deal of energy. Making certain that your staff deliver high quality work and avoid wasted time requires constant attention.

Erect Quality Scaffolding Contractors Insurance.

Let Plan fully protect your team and ensure each element of your insurance has been appropriately evaluated. Keep your scaffolding business’s interests safe with Plan’s effective approach to scaffolding insurance.

You will benefit from:

  • Competitive premiums from extensive insurer markets
  • Free Risk Management  health and safety templates, method assessments, business continuity plans and more – included free with your policy
  • Expert advice based on over 30 years’ experience
  • Multi award winning customer service

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  • Specialist scaffold contractors
  • Commercial scaffold contractors
  • Domestic scaffold contractors
  • Adverse scaffold risks
  • Scaffolding firms of all sizes
  • New scaffold ventures


Below we have compiled some commonly asked questions that explain the key features of Scaffolding Contractors Insurance, from essential elements of insurance to optional add-ons, to ensure that you and your business have the right cover.

If you have any more questions or would like a quote you can request a call back or fill in a quote form.

As a Scaffolding Contractors what insurance does my business need legally?

If your scaffolding firm has employees or utilises contractors and/or temporary workers it is a legal requirement to take out employers’ liability insurance. This will cover potential claims from employees that may be injured or fall seriously unwell in the course of their work.

The importance of public liability insurance for scaffolding contracting companies should not be overlooked. This will protect your business if a third party is injured or their property incurs damage due to the fault of your company. Public liability can be arranged at various sum levels. Most often firms require cover between £1 million and £5 million in protection.

Cover will be arranged for working at specified height limits depending on your scaffolding company’s requirements. You can visit the following pages for more information, Employers’ & Public Liability.

Plan also offer a host of insurance solutions for motor fleet cover that you and your employees will require to drive on UK roads for business purposes.

There are a number of other protections that your firm should consider such as those outlined below. Please ask your account executive for more information:

Contractors All Risk
Goods in Transit
Professional Indemnity
Excess Layer Liability
Property Insurances
Directors & Officers
Cyber Liability
Specialist Schemes and Tailored Packages


What risk assessment services are available?

As a specialist scaffolding company you know the  importance of managing multiple risks. Having suitable Scaffolding Contractors Insurance in place along with correct, up to date health and safety documentation is paramount. It will help you minimise risk and any liability that could have a huge impact on your company’s reputation and income.

Our advice services aim to help your firm reduce your exposure by avoiding complacency. We’ll assist with documenting and training through the best practice you’re probably already aware of. Doing so will put you in a very strong position when negotiating with insurers.

We also offer insurance packages that include access to approved online health and safety training for up to a 100 employees. These well priced policies offer incredible value and a convenient method of managing your company’s training requirements.

We offer our scaffolding business clients bespoke health & safety documents, risk assessments, method statements and much more to help your business prevent avoidable incidents. These additional documents are supplied to you at no extra cost when you take out a policy with Plan.

Our free services includes business continuity templates that can be updated annually. Use them as a guide and keep on top of your business operations. You will also receive regular notifications regarding business legislation changes that are relevant to your scaffolding firm.

What important details do I need to look out for in my Scaffolding Contractors Insurance Policy?

Your expert account executive at Plan Insurance Brokers will complete a thorough fact find to understand your company’s requirements. This process will reveal any important elements of cover that need to be arrange to meet the specific needs of your scaffolding business.

Amongst many other elements your cover will be based on: your scaffolding company’s specific trade activities, your number of employees, turnover, if you rent or own your premises (if it’s the latter buildings insurance cover may be needed), value of your equipment, where it’s stored, previous claims experience etc.

We will guide you through the various options available and proceed based on your preference. Once your policy documents are delivered you should still take the time to fully review them. Careful consideration will make sure that you understand any significant exclusions.

Need more details? Hear more about your business cover options from our expert team in a quick set of videos. Just choose the cover you’re interested in and get some expert insight into how each option can help your business. You can also check out our business insurance FAQs.

Do you cover scaffolding contracting work at both domestic and commercial properties?

Plan Insurance Brokers work with an open market of leading providers of insurance for scaffolding companies. They offer scaffolding insurance for domestic as well as commercial work at industrial premises.  Your company may wish to mix its trading activity between the two. Your policy will simply be amended to insure your firm is covered for this activity and  up to the required height. Provisions can also be made to protect your scaffolding company if it wishes to accept contracts to work in higher risk commercial settings such as airports and listed buildings.

Are both labour-only sub-contractors and PAYE staff covered by our scaffolding firm’s employer’s liability policy?

Cover will be in place for both worker statuses under your scaffolding company’s employer’s liability policy. Although, it’s vital that you accurately state the nature of your scaffold workers employment. This declaration informs how the risk presented by your business risks is evaluated and in turn an appropriate premium is worked out.

What specific risks does scaffolding contractors’ insurance cover?

Amongst standard covers offered to other allied trades scaffolders’ insurance should provide protection against damage and potential or injury caused to third parties involving working at height up to a specific limit as stipulated by your policy.

Tailored scaffolders insurance policies should of course be extended to cover risks connected to working at height.

Scaffolding contractors’ liability and scaffold contract works insurance requires specific knowledge of the elements of cover your business requires. Our strong trading relationships with specialist multiple scaffolder insurers will provide your company with the appropriate cover available.

With over 30 years’ experience of arranging scaffold contractors’ insurance, Plan Insurance Brokers have the required knowledge to understand your business’s insurance needs.

Can my scaffolding company pay for its insurance in monthly instalments?

An affordable direct debit facility should be available for your scaffolding company to spread its insurance payments into multiple instalments. Please ask your account executive for more information.

Will scaffolding insurance include cover for my equipment?

Cover can be arranged for your scaffolding equipment up to a set value based on your preference. This will include protection for your tubes, boards, clips, safety netting and other equipment such as tools and specified items. Certain security stipulations may be required. Though policies can also be arranged to include cover for your goods whilst stored in a yard, even when kept in the open with some insurers.

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