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The Importance of Selecting the Right Accident Management Company

Why we recommend Lemonaid Motor Legal Accident Management Services

In some quarters accident management companies have gained an undesirable reputation. Unscrupulous operators, of which there are many, have become known as “Ambulance chasers.”

However if you were to suffer the misfortune of being involved in a road traffic accident then the services of a good accident management company could prove highly valuable. A hassle free process and quickly supplied hire vehicle will feel like a small blessing.

The right accident management company will:

  • Help you complete a claims form over the phone and notify your insurer for you
  • Seek reimbursement for your out of pocket expenses including your policy excess
  • Arrange a like for like hire vehicle (if eligible)
  • Assist and advise you through the claims process

At Plan we provide cover for many businesses that depend on having their vehicles on the road. We understand how vital your vehicles are to your ability to earn a living. For that reason we would always advise using an expert accident management company.

Lemonaid Motor Legals’ Accident Management Service will take control once an accident has occurred.

The value of Plan’s recommendation

Using the Accident Management company that comes recommended by your brokers should provide you with greater confidence in their competence. At Plan we refer thousands of clients to Lemonaid Motor Legal.

Due to the size of our account we have strong relationships with their management team. We doubt that you will need us to but if for any reason their service falls below your level of expectation you can request that we intervene to resolve any potential issue that you might be facing.

We won’t allow the hard work that goes into earning our Feefo Platinum standard service rating to be jeopardised. That’s why we set strong service level agreements with our third party providers and carry out regular checks to ensure these standards are met.

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At Plan we believe that as commercial motorists it is especially important that our clients utilise the services of Accident Management firm understands the needs of their industry.

You won’t for example want to receive a Ford Fiesta hire car when you’ve sent in a Mercedes for repair or a small van if you’re without a large transit van.

Guaranteed Fault Replacement Hire Vehicle

As commercial motorists we also think it’s worth considering cover that can reduce the risk of you being rendered vehicle-less and unable to generate income.

For that reason if you are eligible to take out cover that provides a guaranteed replacement vehicle for a set number of days in the event of a fault claim we strongly suggest you take it.

It’s worth highlighting that insurance companies include vandalism and theft in their definition of a fault claim. So you could be without a vehicle through no error on your part.

Don’t forget to report any motor accident on 0333 003 0613.  

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