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Your options when insuring motor trade garages

Motor trade road risk insurance policies can give fully comprehensive cover on the road and around the home premises of the proposers. They are ideal for the small to medium sized operations not looking at insuring motor trader garages.
With most premiums for combined motor trade policies being well over two thousand pounds, a road risk policy proves to be more economical choice for many.
However there is a trade off. Unlike combined policies most road risk insurance policies exclude cover for employers liability, public liability at premises, vehicles at a premises, vehicles in transit on the back of a recovery vehicle and also trailer cover. These cover will be essential if you’re looking at insuring motor trade garages.
As insurance brokers we have spoken to our insurers to overcome these issues and have some add-ons which may be very useful without you having to pay big premiums for a combined motor trade garage policy. Here are some optional covers and add-ons which I think are worth consideration when insuring motor trade garages:

Trailer Cover

A few of our select insurers have a trailer cover extension for their motor trade insurance policies, this gives fully comprehensive cover for the trailer and can give you the peace of mind for what might be a valuable item.

Goods In Transit

We can arrange a  separate insurance policy for the vehicles on the back of a recovery vehicle while in transit on a fully comprehensive basis, there is third party only cover as standard with most insurers but a goods in transit policy allows this to become fully comprehensive. It’s ideal for people who collect and deliver expensive vehicles and cannot afford to take the risk of encountering a total loss.

4 Star Policy

We have a tailored policy with one of our key insurers Tradewise, that gives fully comprehensive cover from the premises even on a road risk only policy! This policy is relatively limited on what risks it can cover. But if you’re looking at insuring motor trade garages on a budget it could be a great option. You must be full time within the motor trade, older than 30 and have motor trade insurance bonus or experience.
There are many other add ons available that motor trade insurance clients insuring motor trade garages will find very useful. Due to the great relationships we have at Plan Insurance with several underwriters we can always try our best to talk them into tailoring a policy for your motor trade needs.