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Who needs Traders Insurance?

Motor Traders Insurance, or Car Traders Insurance as it is sometimes known, is for anyone who deals with or handles cars as their job or as part of their business.

Whether this is moving your own stock of cars around on your forecourt or driving customers cars to and from their home and your business premises, you need the correct cover in place to protect yourself, your business, your staff and the public – not to mention the vehicles themselves.

If anything were to happen to your customers cars when in your care, whether this is theft, a fire or even if you are involved in a car accident, you could face law suits from the car owners, as well as having to pay to repair the car.

A Car Traders Insurance Policy could help cover the costs of repairing or even replacing the car, as well as any legal costs.

Plan Insurance Brokers source high quality road risk policies for anyone in the Motor Trade Industry. A traders insurance policy can be arranged for any size of company whether you sell cars part time from your home, or run a busy garage or MOT centre.

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What cover does a Motor Trader Insurance policy provide?

A Traders Insurance Policy is designed specifically for people who work as car traders or anyone operating a business trading larger or more specialist vehicles.

As motor traders, you will be aware that there are specific insurance processes that you must adhere to by law and your traders policy will help you meet the demands of the motor insurance database.

If you are eligible for a Motor Traders Insurance Policy then cover can include:

  • Trader Value
    If the loss is of your own vehicle, the trade value cost is covered. If it is a customer vehicle then retail price can be paid out.
  • Business Driving Cover only
    Social domestic and recreational driving will not be covered under a Motor Traders Policy on customer’s vehicles.
  • Any employed driver aged 18-80
  • Extensive optional combined Motor Traders policy
  • Wind Screen Cover is not included in a Road Risk policy

Be aware of specific exclusions under a Motor Traders Insurance policy. For example, some policies don’t automatically cover vehicles that are being stored on your premises. Nonetheless, Plan can also quote for any required additional covers including:

  • Employers Liability
    If you employ any staff in the UK, it is a legal requirements to have EL Insurance.
  • Public Liability
    Should a customer or member of the public injure themselves or worse when in your work place.
  • Tools Cover
    If a piece of equipment were to break down or be stolen preventing you from carrying out your work.
  • Buildings Cover
    In case any damage should occur to your property, whether this be accidental damage, fire or flood.

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Why compare Motor Traders Insurance with Plan Insurance Brokers?

Plan has over 25 years experience in the insurance industry with a specialism in the Motor Trade.

Whether you’re a car trader involved with vehicle sales, a motor mechanic, a car valet, perform servicing or provide a breakdown service, we can arrange tailored cover to suit your trader needs.

We are independent brokers who are dedicated to finding the right insurance policy that is tailored to your company’s needs. Our highly trained team of experts are available to correspond through email and over the phone from our UK based offices.

We aim to understand your business as well as we do our own, ensuring that you have the right cover for your needs.

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