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What's the point of London's ULEZ?

Explaining the reasons behind the Ultra Low Emmission Zone for London’s Pro Drivers

The ULEZ will impact on HGV operators, cabbies and private hire drivers when it comes into effect in 2020. Many will need to invest in new vehicles or to upgrade existing ones.

Cabbies will be hit particularly hard, with the cost of a ULEZ compliant taxi predicted to be upwards of £50,000.

Many will be wondering what the point of the ULEZ is? Do we really need it?

So we’ve researched: The What & the Why of ULEZ

In short: ULEZ is part of a series of measures set to go live within the next 4 years, with the intention of reducing London’s toxic emission levels.

The threat of a significant fine from the European Union is looming large if action isn’t taken to improve air quality in the Capital.

This is probably the single biggest reason why these guidelines will be put in place by TfL and Boris Johnson.

Currently 4,300 deaths a year are attributed to air quality related issues. The ULEZ could help reduce these and lead to a greener, healthier London.


Infographic on London's ULEZ zone - what it is for and why London needs it for Private Hire and Taxi drivers


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