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Private Hire Insurance – Answers to Common Questions

Your questions on Private Hire Insurance answered

At Plan, we are the market leading private hire insurance brokers, and use our expert knowledge to get the best value. We arrange insurance policies tailored to the exact requirements of private hire drivers in London and across the U.K.

We specialise in commercial motor insurance, and provide intelligent insurance solutions to all types of professional road-based businesses. Using our 25 years’ experience, we have compiled the below answers to several of our proposer’s commonly asked questions on the subject.

We believe this information will be useful but please do get in touch should you require additional assistance or take a look at this page if you wish to read more about what can be included on a private hire policy.

Can we drive other vehicles under a Private Hire policy?

There is no cover under a private hire policy to drive any other vehicles apart from the vehicle stated on the policy.

Is there a mileage restriction on the private hire policy?

There is no mileage restriction on any of our private hire policies. Certain insurers may ask for an estimated annual mileage, but you are not restricted by this.

Am I covered in Europe?
All of our private hire insurers cover as standard Third Party Only in Europe. If Full Policy cover (Comprehensive) is required, green cards are obtainable for a fee.

Is taxi public liability cover included?

The Tradewise and PolicyPlan policies that we offer include up to £5 million for cover against taxi liability claims as standard. All other insurers either have an optional extension for public liability, or we can provide a quote for a stand-alone product to run alongside your private hire policy.

Will I get a courtesy vehicle that is licensed for private hire in the event of an accident?
All of our policies include a fully licensed like for like vehicle in the event of a Non-Fault accident (subject to availability.) If you would like to have a licensed courtesy vehicle in the event of a fault accident this cover can be added to all Tradewise private hire policies at an additional premium. Do you cover rented or hired vehicles?
All vehicles that we can arrange private hire cover for must be owned by the policy holder, or must be under a long term lease agreement (this is subject to a minimum duration of 12 months.) Is there an age restriction on drivers?
There is no restriction on the age of drivers that may be covered to drive on your private hire insurance but any drivers aged under 25 or over 70 will be considered by the underwriters only upon referral.

Do you do offer monthly private hire policies?

All of our insurance policies are annual but we are able to arrange competitive finance to assist you by spreading the cost of your insurance over 10 monthly payments.

Do you arrange Third Party or Third Party Fire and Theft private hire policies?
All of our policies are Fully Comprehensive as we believe this offers the best value protection for your vehicle.

Is private hire breakdown cover included?

Nationwide private hire breakdown cover including Home-Start can be added to your policy for a fee. We would recommend taking out this extension in order to reduce the potential time during the course of the year that your vehicle might be off the road, rendering you unable to earn your living, not to mention the added inconvenience of being stranded by the roadside.

Is taxi legal expenses and claims management included?
All of our private hire insurance policies include legal expenses cover and full claims management assistance.

Can I protect my taxi insurance No Claims Bonus?

Your no claims bonus can be protected on your private hire policy from as low as 1 year (subject to insurance scheme you are placed under). Protecting your no claims bonus will prevent a reduction being applied to the amount of discount you are entitled to. However, please be aware that if you have had a fault claim insurers will still take this into consideration when calculating your premium.