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Plan’s Truck Insurance Specialist, Sophie Reeve, highlights some of the most common dangers facing the UK’s truck drivers

Plan Insurance Brokers have been offering UK truck drivers the most competitive rates on Truck Insurance since 2001. With expert knowledge of the Truck Insurance market, they are able to tailor truck policies specifically to their customers’ needs, whilst offering first class customer service and the best Truck Insurance cover at the most competitive rates.
With a customer service team dedicated to its Truck Insurance customers, Plan Insurance Brokers are in daily contact with UK truck drivers, and Sophie Reeve, Plan’s insurance specialist, has recently highlighted the main road-dangers which truck drivers should be aware of, to reduce their risk of an accident, and therefore their premium. If your rims are broke you can get truck rims cheap here.
“Many of my Truck Insurance customers mention tail-gating as the number one risk they encounter when driving on Britain’s highways and byways,” says Sophie. “Most complain that car drivers are the main culprit, but they also see other truck drivers tail-gating at dangerously close distances.”
In fact, research in 2006 found that 70per cent of all drivers frequently drive too close to the vehicle in front, and this danger is one of the biggest contributors to accidents on UK roads, creating higher insurance premiums. Drivers can reduce risks by taking notice of motorway chevrons, which help drivers to gauge a safe distance more accurately, but obviously chevrons are only usually painted along stretches of motorway considered most at risk. Sophie says:
“In the US, radar systems are now in operation – these assist truck drivers by alerting them when they are too close to the vehicle in front – and these have been effective in reducing accident and have proven to actually cut Truck Insurance rates. Hopefully, we’ll see those systems in place over here on a widespread level very shortly.”
Another major danger for truck drivers is sleep deprivation. “With the credit crunch biting many hard, stress is taking its toll,” says Sophie. “HGV drivers are regulated to between nine and 10 hours driving time daily which gives 15 hours set aside for rest and sleep, but claims where a sleepy driver is involved are still quite common” (source:
Drivers must adhere to regulations regarding rest as sleep deprivation is one of the most common causes of accidents.” In fact, a 2008 poll questioned 4000 truck drivers and found that 40% admitted that worry about the credit crunch was causing them to lose sleep.
The risks attached to truck driving mean that it’s imperative drivers should find the best quality insurance. With a Truck policy from Plan, drivers will have peace-of-mind that they are protected against any eventuality.
“Our policies are specifically tailored to individual customer’s needs, and so we are able to spend time with customers putting together a truck insurance package that will give them the best protection, at the best rates.”
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