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Top 5 tips on social media for a motor trade business

Social media tips to help your motor trade business

Social media has been one of the biggest technological successes in recent years and equally impacts a motor trade business. Around 1.8 billion people worldwide engage on some form of social network.
For large corporate brands social media has been a dream come true. They can convey their brand message directly to their target market. They can also interact with their customers. So how can, SME and self-employed motor trade businesses use it to benefit their operations?
At Plan we definitely think social media can help you raise your company’s profile. It can be used to promote your brand in the motor trade industry. At Plan Insurance Brokers we have put together some tips to help you start using Facebook, Twitter and Google + to achieve this.

Motor traders should claim a Google + page for their business

Appearing high on Google’s search ranking will get traffic to your business’ website. Relevant traffic will lead to enquiries coming in. To improve your chances of appearing claim your Google + page. Simply sign up then register to your company. You can also network with people in your circles similar to adding friends/followers.
Google+ motor trade business listing image

Google+ motor trade company listing example from Ford

Social media can be used by motor trade businesses to compete with bigger brands.
Your Google+ page can appear just as professional as the Ford Motor Company’s one. However your content and tone can be far more friendly and engaging. Combining a professional service with a personal approach surely is a winning formula?

Create a Twitter account

Time permitting, Twitter is another social network all companies should be on. Simply sign up. Then create an account that visually stands out. Next you need to gain and hold onto relevant followers. You can do this by:

  • Deciding on the purpose of your twitter
  • Keep your tweets relevant to it
  • Aim for 1 to 2 tweets a days and only retweet relevant topics
  • Use Google’s keyword tool to find keywords that relate to your business
  • Research and identify #hashtags to start using in your tweets
  • Use no more than 2 #hashtags in each tweet
  • Learn how to set up twitter lists to see relevant conversations
road risk business twitter account example image

Great eye catching Twitter page from Motor Trend

As a road risk policy holder you’re probably very busy running your business. Twitter is a brilliant tool. However it can be a distraction. Its so engrossing staying focused may prove a challenge. It can also be more difficult to understand at first.  Twitter’s guide how to utilise this network to promote your business may save you time.

Create your motor trade business a Facebook Profile

With billions of users worldwide Facebook is the most popular social media network. Most of your existing customers plus your potential new ones are using Facebook. Why not make the most of being able to target them?
Set your profile up and get it looking good. You can then start advertising directly to your audience market. An advert can be created to only show to users filtered on specific criteria. You can filter on; age, gender, location, interests and much more.
road risk policy facebook business listing

McCarthy Cars use Facebook to show off customer service awards

Facebook can be used by smaller scale motor trade businesses to good effect. Personal customer reviews can be displayed to the local business community. Awards from the motor trade industry can be promoted. People can be made aware of the unique services that your company provides. Views on relevant news can be offered for discussion. Images of new stock held for sale can be posted. Read Facebook’s guide for using this social media platform to promote your business.

Place Social Media icons on your motor trade website

Don’t forget to link to all of your social media platforms from your website. Have each social media platform’s logo at the header and footer of your site. These will catch your customer’s attention. Make sure each image links to your company’s page. Customers should click through and all being well opt to follow your company.
As a motor trade (road risk policy) holder you probably operate a small to medium sized motor trade business. At Plan Insurance Brokers we offer an extensive range of motor trade (road risk policy) covers.
We could arrange great value cover for you from our panel of motor trade business insurers. If you would like to know more about a motor trade policy then please visit our a specialist motor trade insurance  page here.