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Latest Electric Vans Reviewed

The impact of the Government’s recent announcement that the sale of new petrol or diesel vehicles will be banned in the UK from 2030 appears a long way off. However, it will have caused many businesses that depend on their commercial vehicles to consider the current electric CV options available to them for the purpose of future proofing their operations. With this in mind we reviewed the latest electric vans already available for businesses.

What are My Electric Commercial Vehicle Options?

At Plan Insurance Brokers, we always try to help businesses that innovate and want to be different. For example, we recently arranged insurance for the first Paxster Electric Vehicle to arrive in the UK. Its being used by a small family business to serve their local community.

Why not visit our blogs to read more about the Paxster Electric Vehicle for supplying sustainable last mile transport and how Jam Retail Leeds have put one to excellent use by offering a rapid grocery delivery service, you can see our blogs here…

Whilst the Paxster is a very versatile and useful vehicle, its size will not be suitable for all businesses. In case you want to go electric but need to carry larger loads, or to travel further, we’ve compiled the below table of Electric Commercial Vehicles, to help you compare your options. As a starting point we’ve considered range, price and payload but they’ll no doubt be other areas more specific to your firm’s needs.

Electric Van Comparison Table

 100% EVEV. RangeTotal RangeMax Payload
Citroen e-DispatchYes2112111262kg
Ford Transit Custom PHEVNo353101110kg
LEVC VN5No58300830kg
Mercedes eVitoYes9393923kg
Peugeot e-ExpertYes2112111262kg
Vauxhall Vivaro-eYes2052051226kg
VW eTransporterYes8282996kg
*This information was collated using information from Parkers Online Reviews and AutoExpress

Whilst this is by no means an exhaustive list, it does cover many of the more common electric commercial vehicles you see on the roads today, along with an impressive upstart, the all-new LEVC VN5.

Over the coming months, we’ll bring you more information regarding electric commercial vehicles and will look at a variety of vehicles, but today we have had a chance to get up and close with the new LEVC VN5.

LEVC, Who?

Firstly, LEVC stands for the London EV Company. It was established in 2017. However, do not let this young age fool you into thinking they are an untried and untested vehicle manufacturer.

LEVC can trace its history back to 1908 when it was first involved with the importing and manufacturing of London Taxis, and over the years the firm has had several trading names. Fast-forwarding to the present day and they are now in the hands of Geely Auto’s, which if you do not know is China’s largest, privately owned automotive manufacturer.

In addition to making vehicles under their Geely brand, they also own the following vehicle manufacturers:

  • Lotus Cars
  • Proton Holdings
  • Volvo Cars
  • Maple

Therefore, you could argue that even though the LEVC VN5 is a new entrant to the electric commercial vehicle space, the company behind it provides a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as significant financial backing.

Meet the VN5

Today we were lucky enough to get our hands on one of these new LEVC VN5’s

Latest Electric Vans Reviewed

At first glance, you can see some similarities with this model and the TXE Taxi Vehicle that LEVC produce. However, the more you walk around it and get a feel for its design, the Taxi image fades and it does strike you as an impressive looking van.


The driving experience is comfortable and delivers what you would expect from a top of its class van. The electric battery provides the instant power that experienced EV drivers have come to enjoy.

When you build up speed or when the petrol motor is needed to charge the battery, the engine kicks in with little fuss. Its fairly quiet and remains in the background as a gentle, reassuring reminder that you need not worry about finding your next charging point.

Lastly, for a van of its size, the manoeuvrability is very easy. I have been informed by LEVC that it has an impressive turning circle of just 10.1m which is class leading for this category of vehicle. You most certainly get the sense that its an agile vehicle when you get behind the wheel.

Electric Van Practicalities

The LEVC VN5’s rear doors open very wide and the floor lip is nice and low to aid getting items in and out. The side-slide door also gives plenty of access.

Latest Electric Vans Reviewed

LEVC have also collaborated with various coachwork firms and state that the rear is fully customisable and can be tailored to suit all types of businesses. This can range from fitting simple panelling and racking systems needed for many of the allied trades, all the way to full bespoke builds for more unique mobile businesses.

Should I consider a LEVC VN5’s Electric Van for my business?

In short… Yes.

If yours is a business that’s looking to purchase an electric van, then this a great all-rounder. As well as being able to carry most loads that a business might need to move, it also has the petrol range extender built in, which will alleviate any of the ‘range anxiety’ that holds many potential electric commercial vehicle purchasers back. It could enable your firm to work around the UK’s improving but still potentially limiting charging infrastructure, and move towards a more sustainable future in a classy electric commercial vehicle without the fear of being left with a flat battery.

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