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Paxster EVs – Supplying Sustainable Last Mile Deliveries

At Plan Insurance Brokers we’re keen to help facilitate the logistics industry’s move towards a more sustainable future. Reducing the impact of last mile deliveries in urban areas is a key element of that shift. So we’re very proud to have arranged insurance for the first Paxster EV to hit the UK’s roads.

From their headquarters in Norway, Paxster design and manufacture some of the world’s best electric vehicles for urban mobility and last-mile deliveries. The Paxster platform maximizes load capacity to make it efficient whilst being ergonomic.

A Little More about Paxster Urban Mobility Vehicles

Thor Øivind Johansen Sales and Marketing Director for the firm outlines their approach, “With simple Scandinavian style and functionality the vehicles focus on the most important elements of the job at hand. Everything else is kept at a minimum. The over-arching aim is to make a real impact on what ultimately matters the most, the planet!”

The combination of a saddle seat, an open design and narrow platform makes stepping in and out of the vehicle easy and fast. You can customize your own version, typically for post, parcel or food delivery. The rear load space has been divided into two sections. One is refrigerated and the other is heated. Alternatively you can select from a range of adapted solutions. Special vehicle builds have been created for a multitude of diverse industries, such as:

  • Automated number plate recognition camers included for security firms.
  • Emergency fire responders on industrial sites have been kitted out.
  • Extra illumination has been fitted for tunnel construction teams.
  • Flashing warning lights have been added to highway maintenance patrols.
  • Mobile power packs provided to recharging services for electric vehicle rescue.
  • Hygienic steel interiors are used by zoos to transport raw food.

The list of possibilities is almost endless. More standard features that are available include 270 degree doors with electric openers, lockable steel boxes, interior lights, height-adjustable shelves and many more. You can opt for less functional features like Oxford Heated Grips if you value creature comforts or aesthetic enhancements like studded wheels. There’s also plenty of available storage right at your fingertips. Available in two versions, the standard delivers 1m3 of load space and a new Cargo-model maximizes that to 1.25m3. Both with a load-carrying capacity of 240kg.

Paxster also offer vehicle management software to connect your vehicle or all of your fleet regardless of its size or if it’s made up of various manufacturers. The intention is to improve productivity whilst reducing your operating costs and increasing the safety of your people and machinery. The benefits are outlined in the image below. In terms of servicing we have all heard that EVs require less maintenance. Paxster state that if you subscribe to vehicle management software your vehicle will only require 10hrs of attention within the first 8 years.

The entry model starts with a 31 mile range for at £11,889. It’s possible to extend the range and more power to increase the top speed from 28 mph.

Read how a entrepreneur is using a Paxster vehicle to help his business grow during Lockdown 2.0, and supply his local community with a viable delivery option.

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