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Bangers 4 BEN 2017 – The Alpine Special!

This year’s 9th annual Bangers 4 Ben has kicked off! An Alpine theme, an in-tree-guing design and a route knot for the faint-hearted.

The mission we have accepted this year, in aid of BEN- Motor And Allied Trades Benevolent Fund, is to drive an old banger of our choosing to the Swiss Alps and back! It had to be bought for £750 or less, dressed to our choosing within the theme, and then driven (preferably in fancy dress) to Switzerland in a round trip of over 1,600 miles!

Two of our Directors will be taking part. It’ll be an adventurous journey along some of the most scenic roads that Switzerland has to offer.

“I think I’m more nervous than excited at this stage! The vehicle is yet to be tested fully. It is going in for some more mechanical work before we set off! Time will tell if we make it to Dover…”

Nick Cole, Operations Director, 28th September 2017

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Bangers 4 Ben 2017 alpine switzerland cabin_©PlanInsuranceBrokers2017_blog
Sneak Peek – Our Citroen has put on a wooden overcoat

Itinerary 2017

Day 1 – Saturday, 7th October 2017
Dover, England to Strasbourg, France – 436 miles

Bangers meet Bangers and Competitors meet Competitors. Then starts the first driving stint.

Day 2 – Sunday, 8th October 2017

Strasbourg, France to Davos, Switzerland – 357 miles

Up early for a hearty continental breakfast ready for some of the best Alpine passes Europe has to offer. First up will be the Furka Pass, immortalised by the Aston DB5 / Ford Mustang car chase in James Bond’s Goldfinger. Then to the most beautiful and “smoothest” mountain pass; San Bernadino. Once they have negotiated all the switch backs both Passes have to offer, they’ll make their way to Davos for an overnight stop.

Day 3 – Monday, 9th October 2017, Davos,

Switzerland to Strasbourg, France– 393 miles

The longest day in the car (let’s hope they don’t get cabin fever)! First, Stelvio Pass, and once they’ve conquered the 48 switchbacks, they head back to Davos via the Umbrail Pass. The Klausen Pass is the final Alpine road before heading back to Strasbourg for another overnight stop.

Day 4 – Tuesday, 10th October 2017

Strasbourg, France to Dover, England – 436 miles

The last day, and another long journey. They head to Calais to meet the ferry to take them back to Blighty and say their farewells.

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Last year, Bangers 4 BEN organised by Car Dealer Magazine, raised over £56,000 to directly support those working in the motor trade industry. Read more about the charity here. 

We had fun with our banger last year, too, with the #BUGETTI beetle making it’s appearance on the roads to Italy and back – complete with giant fork, giant spaghetti and lots of bolognese sauce. Oh, and two chefs!

You can see the whole journey on our blog from last year – see below!

Check out our live feeds of the journey on our twitter: @PlanInsurance and Facebook account!