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Great Drives in Europe: Furka Pass, Swiss Alps

Furka Pass, Swiss Alps
(7,969 feet or 2,429 metres at its summit)

This delightful road joins Gletsch (in the canton of Valais) with Realp (in the canton of Uri) to the east; it is just over 30 km (about 19 miles) long. The original road was constructed for military use in 1867.

This pass is probably best driven from west to east to fully enjoy the tightly winding ascent close to the start of your drive. Near the summit is the Rhone Glacier Ice Grotto; it’s well worth stopping and walking to see this.

This pass was made famous by the James Bond film, ‘Goldfinger’ in which the Aston Martin DB5/Ford Mustang car chase is unforgettable…

The Furka Pass is enjoyed by many as part of a triple pass drive, over the Furka, Grimsel and Susten passes. Many summer visitors also take time to enjoy the steam train ride from Realp to Gletsch.

The pass is closed in winter.


Fabulous road to drive, with many tight hairpin bends and steep gradients; care is needed to safely negotiate it!

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