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#B4B17 – The Swiss Chalet's Story

Plan Insurance Directors Scott Georgiades and Nick Cole give us the #B4B17 rally story from inside the Swiss Chalet-on-wheels.

This year’s Bangers for Ben was even more eventful than last year, with another modified vehicle bought for £750 or under driven on a rally for charity. The spaghetti swapped for snow, the giant fork forfeited to a set of skis, and bolognese sauce became logs.

The purchased Citroen in red was dressed in cladding and became the now famous Swiss Chalet. Watch how she transformed in the making of here!

Directors Scott Georgiades and Nick Cole take us through the story of the Swiss Chalet.

“She endured an epic four day journey through France and to the Swiss Alps before returning me and Nick safely home after covering nearly 1,500 miles with no Radiator Fan #gotnofans”  Scott.



“Overtaking lorries required exceptional teamwork and 2 sets of eyes.” Nick.


“The dashboard was so hot our sweets melted.” Nick.


“Attritional driving but surrounded by some stunning scenery at times.” Nick.



“The Cabin was extremely well built as nothing was lost along the way. We were probably the most photographed and filmed vehicle in Europe during the 4 days!” Nick.



“After an emotional farewell, she now resides at BCA British Car Auctions, Blackbushe, ahead of the Bangers 4 Ben fundraising auction on the 27th October. ” Scott.


So far we have raised £1,090, plus whatever the Swiss Chalet raises at auction. The charity BEN supports individuals connected with the motor trade industry, whether it be somebody working on the production plant for a vehicle manufacturer or a motor mechanic’s ill family member.

It supports the very same clients we provide insurance for in our Motor Trade Combined and Road Risk departments. We are proud to know that we put back in and support these trades, as well as helping them find the best deals and receive great customer service.

You can support the cause through their website or through our Just Giving page.