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Uber Unveils US Subscription Service in Five Cities

Branded as Ride Pass, Uber has introduced a new membership scheme promising customers discounted rates and protection from surge price charges, the latter of which customers have voiced complaints about during rush hour and other highly in demand hours.

Membership will come at a fixed cost of $24.99 a month in Los Angeles, but at a reduced rate of $14.99 in Austin, Denver, Miami and Orlando. In what Uber describes as a way to make Uber more ‘economical’, the company is hoping this move will push more users to forgo their cars, and make ride-hailing their number one method of transportation. Uber Product Manager Dan Bilen, shared his thoughts on the company’s latest advancement:

“One thing we hear a lot from riders is that changes in price – however small – can make it tough to plan their day with Uber.” “The daily commute is a classic example, and it goes something like this: you pay one low price for the ride to work, only to find the ride back home is a different story.” He continued: “We want to make Uber a reliable alternative to driving yourself – an affordable option people can use for their everyday transportation needs.”

The ride hailing app has forecasted that by using Ride Pass, users can save up to 15% a month on their current spending. The subscription model will offer discounted, fixed rates on all their UberX, Uber Pool and Uber Express Pool rides. Further plans are being made for their Los Angeles fare package to eventually include e-bike and scooter access.

UK Expansion?

Should this move prove to be successful amongst customers, this scheme could potentially be rolled out throughout the UK, but for now, we will have to watch this space and see how popular this model proves. More ride-hailing apps articles: Source: