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Are Uber drivers still insured?

This is one question we’ve been asked regularly on social media since TfL’s decision not to renew Uber’s operator licence.

London’s taxi and private hire regulator’s refusal was on the grounds that the company is no longer “fit and proper” to operate, and lacks “responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications.”

With public safety stated as being at the forefront of TfL’s reasoning, it is understandable why many assumed that Uber will have been barred from accepting passenger journey requests from the date of their licence expiry.

However, the regulator stated they would allow the app based firm to continue operating whilst any appeal is under consideration. As soon as the announcement was made on September 22nd the American company stated their intention to fight it. They lodged their appeal on the Friday October 13th just inside the deadline to do so.

So the short answer as to whether Uber’s drivers’ insurance policies are is still valid is yes (so long as they meet all other regulatory requirements.) This is because Uber is currently authorised to continue operating by TfL.

There is no clear idea of exactly how lengthy the appeal process will be. However, Uber and TfL have been holding discussions and there has been an indication that the first hearing will take place on December 11th. Many experts believe it will be a lengthy process stretched over several more months.

In the mean time the industry will be holding its breath, waiting for a definitive outcome.