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With the possible termination of Uber looming, we look at the top taxi apps available for iPhone and Android devices, and who in particular could take Uber’s throne in London…

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First up, we look at Gett, an app that actually originated in Israel. It has been a huge hit since landing in London and exclusively offers Black Cabs. The app ensures the passenger knows the ETA of the cabbie and allows tipping via the same payment method. Their set price journeys provide users with the peace of mind that the meter won’t keep ticking over whilst they’re sat in traffic. At the same time, passengers benefit from a driver that has in-depth knowledge of London’s roads and the ability to use bus lanes.

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By offering both international and local travelers a choice of budget and luxury vehicle options, Addison Lee’s app is perhaps Uber’s most similar competitor. They’ve been operating in London for over 40 years and were the black cab trade’s main rival until Uber’s emergence. Addison Lee will definitely be aiming to regain lost market share if the American firm’s ban stands.

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Not too dissimilar to Gett… whilst being based in Hamburg, mytaxi is looking to help London’s 21,000 Black Cab Drivers reach the smartphone passenger audience. You may remember an app called Hailo? This was mytaxi’s original incarnation. They are still on a mission to compete with Uber via promo codes and flash sales.

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Now for a new contender…. one that won’t shy away from confronting Uber, in fact, the whole premise of their launch was to undercut Uber and create better terms of employment for their drivers. But unfortunately, there was one small problem. Following a run in with TfL (regarding their private hire operator licence, sounds familiar?) they were suspended from operating in London. But they’ve vowed to return to London sooner rather than later…


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This app provides users with a price comparison service from local taxi firms. User experience feedback indicates that it is perhaps not instantaneous, but unlike Uber’s app, it doesn’t use price surges. Ultimately, this price aggregator is hoping to offer the cheapest way for smartphone owners to get from A to B in London. Though caution should be added – former rival Karhoo, who operated a similar business model, went into administration not long after launching due to the technical difficulties of integrating with multiple taxi firms’ dispatch systems.


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Having first appeared on Dragons’ Den, minicabit is another rival hoping to take center stage. It’s another app that uses an aggregator model. Though this one even allows the passenger to select a preferred route when booking. From reading reviews, some short distance trips can be expensive but their services from central London to Heathrow Airport are proving very competitive.
So, there you have 6 apps desperate to take Uber’s mantle as London’s most used taxi and private hire app. If TfL upholds their decision to deny the Silicon Valley’s giant an operator licence, the competition is set to be fierce.