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Car Trader Survey – Valentines Results

Car Trader Survey – Valentines Results

Every year on February 14th couples around the world prove their love for one another. At Plan Insurance we thought for a bit of fun we’d see how romantic our car trader clients are. So we carried out a brief survey* to find out what they’ve got in store for their partners on Valentines Day. Here are the results of our car trader survey for Valentines Day;

  • 36% of our surveyed car trader clients do not celebrate Valentines Day AT ALL!
  • Not even half of traders buy a Valentines Day card, a mere 47% confirmed they’d put their feelings down in words
  • Just 36% of traders said they planned to buy a present
  • Only 12% would be willing to spend up to £40 on a present
  • On the plus side half of car traders’ spouses can expect to be taken out for a meal.

Though judging by the above stats that might be because they’re not too interested in cooking for their partners.

Bring the romance back – suggestions for car traders on Valentines Day

To keep our car trader insurance clients out of their partner’s bad books we have put together some romantic ideas. Hopefully these will help treat the special man or woman in their life this valentine’s day….
Staying in is the new going out;

Car Trader Survey - Valentines Dine in Meal
How about a Sainsburys’ Dine in Meal?

Cooking your partner a meal at home can often me more romantic. Going out often involves dining at over crowded, over priced restaurant on valentines day. If you’re not the world’s best chef, many supermarkets offer special “dine in for two” dinner deals. Sainsbury’s valentines bistro menu could be an indulgent but cost effective way to win her over if car trading has been slow. If our client is a little bit more flush Marks & Spencers valentines day “Gourmet Dine in for £20” offer includes a 3 course dinner, a bottle of bubbly and a box of chocolates (just in case you forgot!). A great deal, and we know car traders love a deal.
Be creative –
If you’re buying for a woman, as with any celebration there is always an endless list of gifts she might like. Such as; shoes, bags, perfume, jewellery. But it is not always about spending money, thoughtful presents can sometimes be the best ones. Why not show your other half you’re thoughtful side. Make them something they will cherish such as;
– a photo album of your favourite memories together
– write a love letter
– create a treasure hunt using clues about your relationship
– or a mix tape (playlist these days)
Judging by the results of our car trader survey we’re aware some of the above are unlikely to occur.
You can’t go wrong with the classics

Car Trader Survey - Valentines Moonpig
Moonpig have plenty of Valentines Day offers for Car Traders

If you do one thing this valentine’s day then buy your partner flowers and chocolates! Most of us appreciate a small but simple romantic gesture. Although times might be hard it shouldn’t break the bank. Companies such as Moon Pig offer Valentine’s Day packages including flowers, chocolates and a personalised card from only £25.
We hope some of these ideas are put into action to avoid numerous other halves out there being disappointed this valentines! Good luck and happy valentines to all our car trader clients!
*Survey was carried out by telephone and a segment of 30 car trader insurance clients of Plan Insurance were contacted.