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Plan Insurance Launches New Website

Director of Marketing for Plan Insurance, Grant Georgiades, explains the reasons behind the company’s investment in a substantial new website.

Today sees the launch of Plan Insurance’s new website at Its just over 3 years since their last site was put live and for some it may seem quite soon to be conducting a major over haul. Director of Marketing Grant Georgiades, explains the reason’s behind the company’s thinking.

We’ve had a web presence over 8 years and have always been eager to capitalise on the both the customer service and marketing opportunities the web provides. Our website was performing perfectly well in terms of SEO and lead generation but since its creation we’d massively increased our online presence. It’s amazing how much web commerce has moved on even in the last 3 years. We wanted a website that truly reflected Plan Insurance as a forward thinking company, and one that’s always looking for ways in which we can provide even greater value to our clients. We realised that we could improve the web experience for existing customers when re-visiting our site whilst still managing to appeal to potential new clients of Plan Insurance.

For that reason clients returning to the site will find more detailed information regarding claims processes and emergency contact information that should prove invaluable if they are unable to locate the appropriate number in their policy documentation and urgently need to speak to their insurers outside of Plan Insurance’s working hours. For our large book of motor trade clients we’ve created a much improved portal by which they may update the Motor Insurance Database. We’ve also created additional FAQ pages on topics such as No Claims Bonus and provided useful Hints & Tips section on departmental home pages that suggest ways to save money without cutting corners on numerous insurance products.’

I think the new site will also raise a greater awareness amongst both new and existing clients regarding the extensive range of products that Plan Insurance offers via its various specialist departments, all which are able to offer exceptionally low rates. This has been achieved using a clearer layout and improving the browsers navigational experience as they move between the dedicated areas for our motor trade insurance, commercial insurance and taxi insurance departments on the site. The site highlights to clients the key niche products lines that we are highly focused on as a company.

We’re able to quote on numerous insurance products but we’re not necessarily going to be the most competitive in terms of premium on many personal lines products. Many of our clients are willing to take out car insurance with Plan Insurance and perhaps pay a slightly higher premium than they would obtain from a company they’d come across on an aggregator site or from a direct insurer they place a greater value on the customer service that they know they’ll receive by being able to speak to the same experienced account handler each time they call Plan Insurance. However when it comes to our specialist markets; motor trade insurance, commercial van insurance, truck insurance, chauffeur insurance and commercial buildings insurance we’ve exclusive deals in place due to the volume of business that we provide insurers for these products and clients will get the best of both worlds, the lowest premium and exceptional service.

We were also aware that some client’s wishing to contact us via a mobile phone might not be benefitting form our ‘Free Phone’ numbers as not all mobile phone providers include these calls in their call packages. For this reason we’ve provided ‘Call Me Now’ buttons as an alternative means by which customers may contact us. Clients simply click on the button, enter their name and number and click ‘Call Me’ and their phone will start ringing with one of our expert account handlers on the other end. In addition to Free Phone numbers and ‘Call Me Now’ buttons we’ve retained our ‘Plan Ahead’ service by which browsers may email us their renewal date and contact details and our sales team will call them back nearer the time.

So visitors to Plan Insurance’s revamped website will enjoy a more visually stimulating experience, one that’s clearer and simpler to use with much valuable information at their finger tips. Call Plan Insurance free on 0800 542 2740 now or click [call-me campaign=”commercial”]Call Me Now[/call-me] for all your insurance needs.

*NB – since this post date we have undergone a re-brand to update our image and our brand, with another new website that you see here. The various sub-brand departments that were within Plan Insurance such as Taxi Plan, Commercial Plan, Trade plan etc. were brought together under the one name of Plan Insurance Brokers. Read more about our re-brand here.