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The Nifty Nine cycling to Paris (and back) for Prostate Cancer UK

4 London cabbies and friends – known as “The Nifty Nine” – will come together for charity and cycle to Paris and back in 7 days!

The Nifty Nine are 9 long time friends from a variety of employment backgrounds, including 4 London cabbies, a policeman, an electrician, a recruitment consultant & a golf player (retired).

The team have a combined age of almost 500 years and aim to conquer cycling almost 500 miles in a week. 6 members of the team are real novice cyclists. Their journey begins on Saturday, August 3rd, and they plan to return home to the UK on Saturday, August 10th. All donations raised will go to Prostate Cancer UK, a charity that invests millions to find better treatments and tests to detect fast-growing cancers early.

While some will be taking paid holiday from their employment to carry out this ride, a special mention must go to the 4 London Taxi drivers:  Graham Hill, Tommy Crudginton (ex film star for the Plan viral video), Nigel Blazey and David Grout. All have been long serving cabbies in the taxi trade and will have to take a week’s unpaid holiday, on top of funding the trip themselves.

It is certainly worth remembering that as the cabbies spend most their days in a taxi, it is remarkable that through the training and dedication they have shown, they’ll be able to accomplish such an amazing milestone for charity.

All donations raised will go to Prostate Cancer UK. No donation is too small and the team will be posting regular updates on their JustGiving page when they set off.

To support the cause and find out more, please click on the link below:

Just Giving – The Nifty Nine cycling to Paris (and back) – For Prostate Cancer UK

Thank you for your support!