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The Gentleman Cabbie: Bringing conversation to the city

Over the last 6 months Plan have been proud to sponsor the efforts of The Gentleman Cabbie as he battles to save the lost art of “offline” conversation in our Capital.


The Gentleman Cabbie is actor, presenter & genuine London Cabbie, William Grant.
Tired of sitting in silence whilst his passengers stared at their smartphones he decided to tackle the anti-social behaviour head-on.
This creative cabbie is now on a mission to, “Bring real conversation back to a city constantly plugged into cyberspace.”
To combat the issue James created his own Youtube channel on which he posts short films featuring interviewees he’s carried out with a range of interesting passengers.
It’s a travelling chat show, as each conversation takes places whilst customers are transported to their chosen destination in the back of his cab.
Highlights have included hearing the views of Dr Ben White during the junior doctor’s battle with the Department of Health as well as the thoughts of taxi spokesman Sean Day on the future of the black cab trade, as well as a couple of famous faces such as Vera Day.
The Gentleman Cabbie’s outgoing and friendly nature has also convinced indie bands, actors, novelists and other fascinating characters to tell all on his rear seat. Each episode aims to, “Bring a unique prospective on life and cultural differences in London.”
We thoroughly applaud his efforts to encourage face to face (or face to back of the head in this case) conversation. You can subscribe to his Youtube channel or follow The Gentleman Cabbie on Twitter.
If you’ve an interesting tale to tell you can drop him a tweet and you never know it might be you being asked the questions next!
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