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The Black Cab Trade Fights Back


You’re probably aware of the battle in the taxi trade over recent months. Now we see some fighting PR from the Black Cab trade proving just how great they can be.

Back to Black Campaign – #StayFareMayor

What we are launching today is London’s taxi revolution, a guarantee to make the best taxi service in the world even better. Faster, smarter, greener is our offer and our ask of the next Mayor of London
Steve McNamara, LTDA   [April 2016]


Faster, Smarter, Greener

The taxi trade is calling for action in four key areas:

  • Modernisation
    a pilot project for ultra-fast wifi, a new zero emissions capable vehicle on the road in 2018 and all taxis taking card payments by October 2016.
  • Better for the Passenger
    make journeys faster by giving Transport for London the power to manage traffic volumes in central London; ensuring the highest quality service; and clarity for the customer in Black Cabs and minicabs.
  • London’s Green Revolution
    make zero emissions London a reality by providing the right support and infrastructure to enable drivers to maximise the potential of the next generation Zero Emissions Capable taxi as it launches by 2018.
  • Towards a Sustainable Future
    fully integrate London taxis into London’s transport policy, ensuring the 100% accessible service connects with the 24 hour tube and is underpinned by detailed understanding of road and traffic management policy.

   .      . Stay Fare Mayor campaign manifesto logog


Read the full manifesto here

London Taxi Company – #BlackCabSelfie

Launched at this year’s London Motor Show in May, this campaign aims to not only make for a bit of fun with selfies in the back of a black cab, but reminds people of the benefits of using a black cab.
As specialist insurers, we think these positive campaigns are great for the iconic London trade – and we’re looking forward to helping them by joining in!
Our Daniel Severin, Sales Manager, took his selfie at the London Motor Show.
Daniel Severin Black Cab Selfie-2

Action for Cabbies

Initially set up for Crowdfunding to seek a Judicial Review against TfL’s original licencing of Uber, it has since changed to focus on the more recent issue of the credit card mandate for the black cab trade.
It is argued that this credit card mandate has specific aspects that are anti-competitive, would put a restraint on the trade, and put them at a further financial disadvantage.

£300,000 would be sufficient for us to seek a Judicial Review of TfL’s decision to implement restrictive practices surrounding the credit card mandate.
TfL’s [prescriptive mandate] would require black cabbies to install a fixed unit in the passenger compartment and would prevent them passing on the legitimate card processing fees to passengers – the unrecoverable cost to black cabbies could be tens of millions.


UCG – United Cabbies Group campaign

Read their latest campaign here. They are hosting their own crowdfunding that is not online, to avoid having to pay any fees.
Without giving away too many details, the UCG plans to keep tactics hush hush. However, they do state that they have relevant teams set up ready to go – Journalists, lobbying & PR resources and legal opinion – when they get funding for it.

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