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Speeding Offences Surge Despite Lockdown

Despite the massive reduction in traffic volumes there has been a 36% increase in speeding convictions across the country. The desserted roads have enticed irresponsible motorists to break speed limits with alarming regularity.

The increased number of offences appears even more stark when it’s considered that vehicle usage is down by over three quarters. Fines increased by as much as 56% in the Manchester region. In London where r

There have also been a number of extreme cases reported. One Tesla driver was caught at 134mph in a 40mph zone and another vehicle was stopped after reaching 151mph on the M1.

Detective Superintendent Andy Cox, of the Met Police said of speeding, “It is the most prominent cause of fatal and serious crashes.” The Met Police are taking action against ‘extreme speeders’ putting further lives at risk during the Coronavirus crisis. The processing of these offenders can be through the Court system within three working days.

To increase effectiveness The MET are following their Vision Zero Strategy which focuses on the few rather than the many by, “Targeting the most risky roads; people and themes.” They are campaigning to make speeding socially unacceptable. They want the public to “challenge their family, friends and themselves not to speed.”

Drink driving was socially far more acceptable many decades ago but through education and peer pressure the culture was changed. It is hoped a positive social messaging can lead to improved driving behaviour and standards. If successful it will save a great number of lives.

Its also important from a financial perspective that fleet managers proactively reduce any risk by reiterating the danger of speeding to their drivers and their responsibility to obey speed limits. Any incidents that take place at high speed are likely to have a severe impact on your business’s claims experience and in turn your cost of insurance.