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Safety in numbers – winter driving essentials

During the colder months, our roads can become treacherous. We have put together some advice for driving in wintry conditions to help keep you safe on the roads.

Further info:

Driving is very different in the dark and potentially hazardous without the correct safety precautions.
Vision is reduced in the night, making it much harder to see signs and other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.
There are several things you can do to ensure your visibility isn’t compromised:

  • Check your lights to make sure all inside and outside lights in your vehicle are fully functioning
  • Driving slower than usual – as poor visibility means you may not see another road user or a hazard until the last few seconds. Driving at a slower speed not only means you have more time to see what’s in front of you but also more time to react.
  • Taking regular breaks in night conditions is a good idea as the risk of falling asleep at the wheel is also greater. If driving at night is unavoidable, make sure you take regular, planned breaks and if you feel tired, stop and find somewhere safe to rest.

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Winter Driving Tips