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Results: Pressure is on for Cabbies

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For the second year running Plan Insurance Brokers were proud to support the British Heart Foundation – Wear It Beat It awareness day. We promoted this great cause by funding a NHS nurse to carry out blood pressure testing at the Heathrow Feeder Park Café.

Nurse Claire met a number of drivers who she felt needed to visit their doctor’s surgery.

A lot of drivers mentioned that being a cabbie had become a lot more stressful.

They do a job that involves being sat down for most of the day which is combined with regular stress such as battling through traffic and other pressures.

So it’s vitally important they take care of their health.

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It appears the ongoing battles with Uber and subsequent reduction in earnings are taking their toll. This may partly account for a high proportion of drivers needing to give their heart some urgent attention. Nurse Claire has the following advice for drivers,

Performing light exercise* might be the last thing some cabbies want to do after a long day behind the wheel.

However it could be the difference between clogged up arteries and a clean bill of health.

Combining healthy eating isn’t always easy when fitting meals around fares. Although a good diet really should be a priority. Claire says,

Getting in to good habits such as preparing suitable meals before a shift begins will stand drivers in good stead in the long term.

BHF wear it beat it Cafe Feeder Park 2016 Plan Insurance Brokers

The BHF  recommend that everyone over 40 gets their blood pressure taken by a nurse or doctor as part of a health check to assess their risk for getting cardiovascular disease.

And with more than a quarter (27 per cent) of all deaths in the UK caused by cardiovascular disease it’s clear that cabbies should keep on top of their health.

Plan Co-Founder and Director Scott Georgiades who was there on the day spoke to a number of drivers and was impressed with their commitment,

It was really positive to hear that a group of cabbies at Heathrow are walking a mile together everyday whilst they wait in line.

Others are making the most of the gym in the hotel opposite the feeder park. Its important with all that’s going on they continue to make their health a priority.

NB* An exercise regime should only be begun after a check up by your doctor.

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