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Property Management Safety – Workplace Hazard Precautions

You have a responsibility as a property manager or landlord to keep your property safe and orderly. However, dealing with rebellious tenants, contracting out tasks, conducting a wide array of repairs, as well as facing innumerable unknown risks on each property all pose potential difficulties.

Your safety and that of any tenants is vital. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Regularly assess for potential hazards such as uneven pavement, puddles of oil or water in passageways, or malfunctioning door locks. Repair these issues right away, or get someone to do it for you.
  • Install locks at all entry points to the property to restrict access.
  • Install sufficient lighting to help discourage burglars, particularly in the building’s more isolated areas. It’s also a good idea to keep the landscaping maintained to aid visibility.

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  • When dealing with the general public, always keep your personal safety in mind. People might become violent, angry, or unpredictable with little or no apparent cause. When dealing with leasing agreements, parking zones, or complaints and conflicts, you may encounter a stressed third party.
  • Always keep an eye out for others when collecting rent or handling significant quantities of cash. Make numerous trips to the bank during regular business hours to reduce your vulnerability. It’s also a good idea to tell someone else about your daily routine (spouse, significant other, or close friend) in case you can’t be reached. This may signal to them that you are in danger and require aid.

Communicate Often with the Property Owner

When risks become apparent on the property, it is your responsibility as a property manager to notify the owner. Always inform owners of potential liabilities and hazards, and follow up to make provisions for any necessary corrective action.

  • Place warning signs on malfunctioning equipment or keep tenants out of areas that are being fixed to alert them to potential dangers.
  • Do not attempt to undertake services for which you have not received sufficient training, such as electrical or plumbing repairs. If you attempt to repair or replace something without the necessary expertise, you risk injuring yourself and/or causing harm to the property.
  • When working with electrical equipment, always exercise caution because these devices might cause shock.
  • When working near fans, lifts, or waste compactors, be aware of the dangers of crushing.

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