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Plan’s Taxi Video Goes Viral

Go Compare have been on the end of a back lash following their “annoying taxi driver” adverts of late. However Plan’s recent video campaign featuring London Taxi Driver Tommy Crudgington has proved far more endearing.

Tommy’s testimonial has now been viewed over 25,000 times on social media. It’s received plenty of likes, favourites, shares and retweets along the way.
A number of London taxi drivers have been particularly intrigued as to how he came to have the incredibly low badge number of 5?
We can confirm that Tommy retained and transferred the number as a tribute to his late father, who was also a London cab driver, who sadly passed away.
During the short film the London cabbie of over 25 years explains how the free breakdown cover he received with his policy came into its own one morning when his cab wouldn’t start. He simply gave Plan a call and we got him back on the road within 40 minutes.

The lads on the ranks do spot me and pull my leg every now and then, calling me Hollywood and the like, but I was only too happy to help. As I say Plan are a lovely firm and they’ve given me a first class service as well as a great price which as a cabbie is the most important thing.

The video was shot in the arches behind Waterloo station and perhaps Tommy’s friends are right to build up his film star credentials. Pushed for time the crew were impressed how he gave them exactly what they needed in one take.
Marketing Director Grant Georgiades commented,

We obviously can’t compete in terms of spend with the likes of Go Compare. But for a family run business like ourselves the exposure the video has given us within the black cab community has been fantastic.
I’d strongly recommend other small companies look at video marketing as a cost effective way to promote their brand online. I think Tommy’s authenticity really comes across and we’re very grateful to him for taking part.

If you’d like to benefit from highly competitive black cab insurance rates that also come with great value breakdown cover why not give Plan a call on 0333 003 0059.
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