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Supporting Trade Charities: Plan Out and About

The teams have been busy over the past few weeks, not only looking after our clients but also trying to help the community and the trade. At Plan, we feel it is very important to help those less fortunate than us and to try to give back as much as we can.

We are involved in a number of charities and community projects and thought we would share with you some details of our two latest outings.

Russell Square Green Shelter Charity Day, 29th June 2018

London Cabmen's Shelter, 1890
London Cabmen’s Shelter, 1890 Fun fact: back then, gambling, drinking (alcoholic beverages), swearing and political  discussion were  strictly forbidden.

Green Cabmen’s Shelters first appeared in London in the 19th century, when The Globe newspaper editor George Armstrong set up a charity to erect shelters providing hot food and drinks to the then horse-drawn carriage drivers. No bigger than a horse and a cart, and open only to Cabbies, 61 of these were then built across London over the next few decades.
Today, just 13 remain, supported by the Cabmen’s Shelter Fund (CSF). They’re all grade II-listed, and many are still fully functioning cafes, providing food, warmth and companionship. Anyone can use them but still, we’ve been told that only those with The Knowledge are allowed inside!
On Friday 29th June, Kate Simmonds, the fantastic lady managing the Russell Square Cabmen’s Shelter, held a Charity Day to help raise money for the London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children (LTFUC), a charity that was founded in 1928 in this actual Cabmen’s Shelter (although it was then located in Leicester Square, before being moved to Russell Square in the late 1960s). On the day, all food and drinks were free, for a donation to the charity.

London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children

Founded in 1928, the charity provides yearly outings for the children and support the many appeals they receive for help. From outings to the seaside where convoys of London taxis take excited children and their helpers for a fun day out, to trips to the theatre and Christmas parties for the children, or fundraising events, the LTFUC aims to provide essential funding for the purchase of recreational, technology and mobility equipment for children.

Kate and her colleague Jude Holmes worked exceptionally hard to produce some beautiful cakes for the event, with Kate staying up all night, baking. The day was a fantastic success, raising  £685 just from the shelter alone – with more money tins from the cabbies.

Trip to the seaside, Margate, 2nd July 2018

The Albany charity (Licenced Taxi Drivers Fund For Children With Special Needs) was started in 1972 by a group of London licensed taxi drivers, with the aim to take some special needs children for a day out at the seaside for some fun and laughter. This year, we were proud to be part of their trip to Margate that took place on the 2nd July 2018.
Cab driver Ricky, who has managed these outings for a number of years, organised the day; around 50 cabbies plus Dan and Jo from Plan left very early in the morning, in their decorated black taxis, to take the children to Margate for the day. The drivers were amazing with the children, and many knew the children and families from previous years.
We went to Dreamland (a theme park) which was closed to the public for the day, and opened especially for the children. They went on all the rides, had lunch and then a fabulous roller disco. A good day was had by all – kiddies, parents and cabbies – and we are very much looking forward to next year’s edition!