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Pick Up Insurance | Cheaper Premiums for Social Use Only

Sales Team Leader Sophie Reeve, explains how Plan Insurance have championed the cause of their Pick Up Insurance Customers to Negotiate The Best Deals on Pick-up Insurance

There’s a reason the Pick Up Truck has a loyal army of devoted aficionados. The vehicle can combine everything a driver would want from a luxury car; cruise control, four-wheel drive, rain sensitive windscreen wipers, deep pile carpets and leather seats etc whilst also offering the abilities of a tow truck, except for being equipped for a semi truck repair.
They are vehicles that can actually claim to have as much style as substance and for that reason they are as popular with commercial drivers as they are with those who want to use them solely for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.
But up till now a major drawback of having a Pick Up Truck for personal use only is that owners have been forced to pay high premiums for their Pick Up Insurance.

“Pick Ups have a reputation for being extremely expensive to insure” says Sophie Reeve, of Plan Insurance.

Pick Up Insurance premiums have tended to be appear relatively high for private users, and it all comes down to the fact that Pick Ups are classified as commercial vehicles. A builder using a Pick Up for its designated purpose as a commercial vehicle will have found that it doesn’t command a heftier insurance premium than a van of a similar value.
But until recently for example, a water sports enthusiast who wanted to use a Pick Up to transport their jet ski at weekends, will have found obtaining competitively priced Pick Up Insurance on the same vehicle very difficult.
This is because few insurance companies have been willing to underwrite Pick Up Truck Insurance on private vehicle terms. “For many consumers, when coupled with the higher fuel duties and road tax, the cost of Pick Up Insurance had made the vehicles prohibitively expensive propositions” says Sophie.
So consumers were finding that many Pick Up Insurance companies wouldn’t insure their vehicles under a commercial contract, as they weren’t being used for a commercial purpose, and if they could manage to secure private Pick Up insurance, they were paying a hefty premium for it.
Recognising that Pick Up Insurance customers were getting a raw deal, and as one of the market leaders in Pick Up Insurance, Plan Insurance took the lead to negotiate better deals on Pick Up Insurance on behalf of its private drivers.

We sympathized with the drivers who were stuck in a sort of insurance limbo,” says Sophie. “So we approached some of the major Pick Up Insurance companies we deal with, and came up with some infinitely more attractive option for our customers.

Sophie and her team were able to secure agreements with leading Pick Up Insurance companies who offered to underwrite Pick Up Insurance for private drivers under commercial vehicle contracts, even though the vehicles were being used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only.

We’ve always had exclusive deals for Pick Up Trucks for commercial clients but premiums now work out significantly cheaper for most private use Pick Up drivers” says Sophie. “So those drivers who are in love with their Nissan Navaras, Ford Rangers or Mitsubishi L200s needn’t be penalized, just because their vehicle doesn’t fit into a neat insurance category.

For those drivers taking out a Pick Up Insurance policy under a commercial basis, there are some differences to be aware of.

What comes as standard on a private policy isn’t always the case for a commercial Pick-Up Insurance policy,” says Sophie.”There are only a couple of differences, but you don’t usually receive European cover as standard, so if a driver did want to take their Pick Up into Europe, although they would be insured third-party, they would need to get a green card to cover them comprehensively.

Another difference is that some commercial Pick Up Insurance policies won’t cover personal effects – a wallet or mobile phone that maybe stolen from the dashboard, for example.

The pros far way out the cons in terms of cost saving,” says Sophie, “but when it comes to Pick Up Insurance to get the best deals and expert advice its always best to speak to a specialist!

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