Plan Insurance Blog launches voice search to website have added voice search functionality to their website.

The company have chosen to reinvent their website offerings to entice an audience that are beginning to embrace voice recognition technology when using mobile devices, digital assistants and smart speakers.

To enable the voice search function on the website, users must hold down the red ‘record’ button and speak into it.

“At we see a huge opportunity to embrace voice search as part of our wider mission to better connect buyers with dealers,” said Shane Horsfall,’s head of product.

“Consumers are increasingly using voice search to find information and services online and we believe this new functionality will enable them to easily search for their next used car purchase simply by speaking to their devices,” he said.

The functionality is currently being beta tested, with constructing a library of search terms allowing complicated requests to be processed.

“We’re learning valuable insights from our voice search data. For example, there is a definite consumer desire to search for cars based on their country of origin, with ‘German cars’ being one of the most frequently requested search items,” he said.

“As we begin to gather more data like this, we hope to be able to discover trends in consumer wants, needs and buying patterns so we can help them find their ideal vehicle using the simplest methods,” said Horsfall.

Back in November, online marketplace eBay acquired, putting themselves now in direct competition with Autotrader as the leading ad site for cars.

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