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A motor trader guide – reviewing Mike Brewer

We review Mike Brewer’s “The Wheeler Dealer Know How!” as a guide to starting up a motor trader business.

The book that will tell you everything you need to know about buying, owning, and selling a modern classic.

Countless important tips from someone in the know! Where better to get some honest advice, great tips from the trade and details on every step to keep your eye on when becoming a wheeler-ing dealer-ing motor trader.

From buying a car at auction, through a dealer, a private seller, or even importing a car; the steps are covered.

From owning and properly maintaining vehicles, the interior, engine and bodywork, as well as the most important part – prepping, pricing, advertising and making a sale, this book gives lots of starting points for the new trader to think about.

Advice on the actions you need to take is clear, and in order, so that you can follow the same steps that the wheeler dealer himself took in the same situations – and help avoid being ripped off or getting a dodgy motor in the process.

Let me tell you all you need to do to bag yourself the perfect

There is an endless amount of tips that will help a motor trader fire up their business from the ground up. It’s a pleasant read, with Brewer’s language informal and talkative, making this book straightforward and to the point.

The points that Brewer does make are all from his many years of experience, back to his first day at St Georges Garages in Tooting in the 1980s and spanning his career of almost 30 years.

From the first chapter there’s advice from the off, with handy bullet point checks, things to look out for and wheeler dealer top tips to break up and round off each key process involved.

Starter Classics, Hot Hatchbacks, Convertibles, Luxury & Sporting Classics, 4x4s, American Cars and Mike’s Favourite Classics

A motor trader guide - reviewing Mike Brewer inside

If you are looking into modern classics, however, then the rest of the book is buyer’s guide on various cars that you may want to start off your motor trader business with.

Broken down into handy sections, Brewer covers vital areas of each car featured – availability, popularity, ease of repair and maintenance advice.

And of course, any tips that he’s discovered along the way in his wheeler dealer experiences!

And remember, it doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a
classic or something a bit newer, the rules are the same.

If you’re thinking about becoming a motor trader, but aren’t thinking about modern classic cars, this book is still for you. Like Brewer says, the rules are the same.

Although there are many tips on buying, owning and selling classic cars, the key themes are alike for any trader.

Research, preparation, understanding what you want and what you need to do, as well as looking after your cars are big factors to consider and undertake when becoming a motor trader.

A motor trader guide - reviewing Mike Brewer

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