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Top 5 tips to prevent motor garage claims

To prevent motor garage claims get up to date with your safety procedures. This could help save money on your garage insurance.

Garage claims are on the increase, due to trips and other accidents in the work place, now is the ideal opportunity to clean and tidy up around your motor garage premises.
Here are some of our useful tips and information gathered from our insurers, to help you with your insurance:
Garage Insurance Stats*

– Around 200,000 UK workers are employed in the motor trade industry.

– There have been over 7,000 injuries in the motor vehicle repair industry over the last 5 years reported to the HSE and local authorities.

– There have been 33 deaths in the motor vehicle repair industry over the last 5 years reported to the HSE and local authorities.

– Around 1,600 other major / serious injuries to employees and self-employed persons.

– ‘All injuries’ accident rates for the motor vehicle repair industry are higher than the average for the whole of manufacturing industry.

*Stats obtained from the HSE website.

How does this affect your insurance?
With more and more people injuring themselves whilst at work, many trade insurers are increasing the cost of their  motor trade insurance premiums to combat the claims.
To help with this, many insurers are now sending out risk assessors to motor garage business premises to help prevent claims from happening. So if an insurer sends out a risk assessor after obtaining your MOT Station or vehicle repair premises insurance, you should try and see this as free benefit – not a hindrance.
Why? – These risk assessors have everyone’s interest to protect. They will look at how you operate and often offer tips and advice on things you may not have noticed before. Plus – this is FREE expert advice given to you. By offering this advice it should hopefully help prevent claims; and thus benefit you and the insurance company! And ultimately keep the cost of your insurance down! Claims also prevent you getting on with running your business, so without them to worry about you’ll be more productive.

Hopefully your motor garage won’t have any unexpected events like this.

 Our top 5 tips for keeping your motor garage safe:

Keep your work place tidy Clear away tools, used items and airlines etc when not in use. Sounds simple, however many insurers have lots claims with people tripping over things.

Wear the right clothing Do not wear flip flops or flammable material. Ensure all employees have the right clothing or are appropriately dressed to carry out their duties.

Keep machinery well maintainedEnsure that your ramps, jack and other plant machinery is maintained. It is recommended to have a service agreement in place where your equipment will be inspected annually. Many insurers can offer this at reduced cost.

Use the correct equipment and precautionsNearly 10 per cent of all serious injuries or deaths come from falling from heights. If you have to reach or climb for something, ask for help!

Always check your surroundings before starting or moving a vehicleNearly 40 per cent of all serious injuries or deaths in trade premises come from the movement of vehicles. This could be vehicles not being secured before being lifted or vehicles being moved around workshops.

As well as tips for helping with your insurance there’s lots of advice and documents to be found on the HSE website.
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