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MOT changes: is your vehicle “DANGEROUS”?

New MOT changes could potentially deem “dangerous” many cars that would previously have passed the test.

Tyre firm Continental believes that the changes could also lead to a sharp increase in MOT failures.

In an attempt to improve vehicle safety and minimise the damage being done to the environment by the more polluting vehicles, changes have been made to the MOT scoring system and testing procedures. While the changes came into effect last year, the new updates have changed the new scoring system, to give clarity to why a vehicle has passed or failed.

The old pass/fail system will remain in place, but with more detailed ratings split into five categories:

  • Dangerous: a direct and immediate risk to road safety or has a serious impact on the environment. These vehicles will immediately fail the MOT and cannot be driven until it has been repaired
  • Major: may affect the vehicle’s safety, put other road users at risk or have an impact on the environment. These vehicles will also fail and need immediate work on them to pass
  • Minor: no significant impact on the safety of the vehicle or environment. These vehicles will pass, but drivers will be told to make repairs as soon as possible
  • Advisory: these vehicles will pass the MOT, but drivers will be advised to monitor any issues which could become more serious in the future
  • Pass: these vehicles meet the minimum legal standard and will pass without any hesitations

Changes being made to MOTs include tests on under-inflated tyres, braking pad warning lights, fluid leaks and contaminated brake fluid; new car parts being tested; and, for cars over 10 years old, tougher tests on reversing lights and headlight washers.

There are also far tougher guidelines on emissions, with cars automatically failing if the MOT tester sees smoke coming from the exhaust pipe or can prove that the diesel particulate filter has been changed.

As of 2021, even tougher guidelines are set to come into place as the government is determined to clamp down on unsafe and pollution-heavy vehicles.

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