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Understanding the Maintenance Costs of Period Properties and the Role of Insurance

Period properties, often built before 1919, are admired for their unique architectural features and historical charm. However, these charming homes come with a significant maintenance burden, with owners spending an average of £700 a month on upkeep. This monthly expense is almost equivalent to a small mortgage, highlighting the financial commitment required to maintain these properties.

Common Maintenance Issues

Owners of period properties frequently encounter various maintenance issues. Externally, the most common problems include roofing repairs, brickwork restoration, garden upkeep, external wall maintenance, and leaning chimneys. Internally, expenses often cover flooring repairs, bathroom renovations, electrical work, mould removal, insulation upgrades, and wiring repairs. Since 2022, the average period homeowner has spent over £19,213 on maintenance, significantly higher than the £8,496 spent by owners of non-period homes.

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Is It Worth Buying a Period Property?

Despite the high costs, 72% of period homeowners believe the expenses are worth it due to the character and architectural style of older homes. However, some buyers are caught off guard by these costs. Around 22% of homeowners were unaware of the high maintenance costs, and 39% found the costs higher than anticipated.

The Role of Insurance

While new-build homes offer lower maintenance costs and warranties, period properties can benefit greatly from comprehensive insurance coverage. Although it won’t offer a safeguard against wear and tear, insurance can provide peace of mind by covering unexpected repair costs, protecting against structural issues, and offering financial support for necessary restorations when certain types of damage occurs.

Investing in a period property is a commitment to preserving a piece of history. With careful planning, regular maintenance, and appropriate insurance coverage, homeowners can enjoy the unique charm of their period homes while managing the associated costs.

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