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London Taxi Company becomes LEVC and unveils new Electric Taxi: LEVC TX

The London Taxi Company (LTC) has become  the London EV Company (LEVC). During the announcement on the 11th July, they unveiled their new Electric Taxi: LEVC TX.

The company aims for a global reach with their new green black cab, which boasts a 400 mile range, that includes over 70 miles on pure electric power. Very appealing when considering that on average, in London, a Black Cab driver covers around 120 miles a day.

New name, new logo and new brand positioning – drastic changes to reach ambitious objectives.

LTC, owned since 2013 by Chinese giant Geely (who also owns Volvo), aims to become the urban commercial vehicle provider of choice globally, beginning with this electric Taxi, and following with an electric LCV, based on their eCity technology.
They have already received their first international order from RMC, one of the largest operators in the Netherlands, for an initial 225 vehicles to be delivered in 2018.

“Today is an incredibly exciting day for the company, for the world’s cities, for the air we breathe and for the drivers of commercial vehicles.
The launch of LEVC marks Britain’s leadership as a first mover in creating the world’s only dedicated electric vehicle company for the urban commercial market.”
Chris Gubbey, CEO, LEVC


LEVC’s new Electric Taxi: LEVC TX.

With a design inspired by the iconic FX4 Black Cab,  TX swaps the traditional diesel engine for a battery-powered electric motor. Using eCity technology, which combines a small petrol engine – acting as a range extender – with a battery and electric power-train. TX has a range of more than 400 miles, including over 70 miles on pure electric, with zero emissions.
This should save drivers an average of £100 a week in fuel (when compared to LEVC’s previous diesel models). With this range, a driver could take passengers from London to Edinburgh or Paris without once needing to stop for fuel!
The Company also said that the vehicles would require less maintenance than their previous diesel counterparts. LEVC haven’t disclosed the price of this new model; they have however confirmed that they wouldn’t charge for the battery leasing separately.
LEVC electric taxi black cab TX

 TX’s main features

  • A more premium feel, passengers will notice less vibration and noise in the passenger cabin
  • Charging points for mobile phones
  • WiFi
  • Additional space for six passengers
  • Designed to be one of the safest vehicles on London’s streets
  • Improved disability access features: a new retractable integrated ramp, that makes it quicker and easier to load passengers in wheelchairs, and in a new forward facing position; induction loops for hearing aids; contrasting grab handles and seat edges for the partially sighted.

Order books open on the 1st of August

TX has been tested in the heat of the Arizona desert and freezing conditions of the Arctic Circle. It is now ready for its launch later this year in the Capital, and the order books open on the 1st of August.
The London EV Company will be providing personalised purchase propositions to drivers, starting with those that have registered an interest through
The first deliveries begin in November in London, and the company expects to see at least 150 TXs on the streets by the end of 2017. The TX has the potential to be a greener alternative to the Mercedes Vito that launched earlier this year.
Now let’s hope that the price tag won’t be too prohibitive, and that TfL will install enough charging points for TX to be a great success!