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The LPHCA Roadshow – Coming Soon!

The LPHCA has been hosting an annual roadshow for the private hire industry since 2008. This year’s event will, as always, be taking place at the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel on Thursday September 29th.

The venue has undergone a multi-million pound refurbishment. It’s hoped the revamped space will help deliver to the association’s biggest and most successful event to date. event is free to attend for all private hire drivers but the AGM that follows is for LPHCA members only.
With numerous developments and contentious issues within the industry to cover we’re sure the selected guest speakers will be of interest to attendees.

Last year saw Peter Blake of TfL provide insight into TfL’s private hire regulations that have recently been implemented. David Machado of Split Cab also discussed his company’s progress with delivering the LPHCA’s app.
Plan will be exhibiting at the roadshow and look forward to offering advice on private hire insurance to individual drivers.

We’ll also be hosting an insurance surgery which should prove beneficial for operators in a number of ways.

  • Review current policies to find significant amounts of savings on one of your company’s biggest overhead
  • See our online Taxi Insurance Checker portal proposal that will enable instant validation of your drivers’ policy
  • Discover how Plan can offer value added benefit packages to attract drivers to your company

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Insurance Surgery for Private Hire Operators - FREE with Plan Insurance Brokers
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