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Black Taxi Drivers – Infographic Facts

Learn the facts about our London Black Taxi Insurance Drivers

We’re proud to say that our Black Cab clients are members of an iconic community on London’s roads. London’s Black Taxis are world renowned for their integrity, and the level of service they provide to both locals and visitors to the most popular global tourist destination.
At Plan Insurance Brokers we specialise in insuring professional road drivers. We are proud to offer excellent black taxi insurance policies as we consider London black cab drivers to be quintessential road based professionals.

Our infographic highlights the extent to which cabbies keep London moving.
Their knowledge of London’s back streets enables them to avoid traffic and deliver passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible.
The stringent requirements of the “The Knowledge”, the test they are required to pass before being granted a license, ensures that every black cab driver is trained to an exceptional degree.
There is actual scientific evidence that their brain’s adapt to enable them to pass the qualification!
Click on our info-graphic here to read just what London Black Taxi drivers go through to insure that they are up to the demands of the job.

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