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Is this the fittest Cabbie in Britain?

Is this the fittest Cabbie in Britain?

Posted by Pamela Eve on April 1, 2016.

The general public would probably stereotype the average cab driver as a bald, middle aged, out of shape white man.

Well they’d be right about Kevin Freeman on two of those counts. But there’s nothing average about Kevin Freeman – and he’s certainly not out of shape.

As black cab insurance specialists we have met a lot of London cabbies but we don’t think we’ve ever met a fitter one.


Kevin Freeman boxing


Sporting achievements

Kevin might be 48 but has only recently retired from boxing men half his age in amateur events around the country.

As well as boxing, Kevin is doing jiu jitsu classes in San Diego and also is a keen triathlete. He’s represented Great Britain on a number of occasions, in the Age group at the European long course triathlon championships in Almere, Holland in 2014 & at the World championships in Motola , Sweden in 2015.

Not only that, but he’s also an Ironman several times over.

In the coming months Kevin is running an ultramarathon as well as completing in the London Ride 100.

If you would like to support Kevin’s fantastic efforts please visit his Just Giving Page, and help his fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis Society.



Jeanette, the mother of our 2 children, was a very active woman until unfortunately she was stuck down with MS at a very young age.


Over the ensuing years the girls and I witnessed the slow deterioration in Jeanette’s health until she sadly passed away October 1st last year.


By way of a release mechanism, I took Jeanette’s advice and threw myself into sport especially endurance events starting with 10k’s that led onto marathons which led onto me completing several Ironman triathlons!!


In Jeanette’s memory I have decided to raise money for the MS society, with a target of £1000, by attempting to do 2 separate ultra endurance events of Ride London 100miles and the Croydon 30 mile ultramarathon run.


d7f2ad70-7a5c-4207-899e-16483b72fafd- crop


He raised two young girls as a single father as well as working full time as a London cabbie, with his family helping out a lot over the years, especially when the girls were young.

He’s certainly done a great job. His youngest daughter, Kayleigh (17) is enjoying her sixth form year and Amy (18) is hoping to get accepted into Loughborough University this September.


If you would like to support Kevin’s fantastic efforts please visit his Just Giving Page, and help his fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Kevin finish line



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Meet the Author Pamela Eve

Joining the team in 2015, Pamela quickly found joy in branding all things Plan. With a background in photography and art, she now resides designing Plan's marketing materials, writing the odd blog and drinking a lot of tea.

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