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Improve Fleet Safety with Samsara

Plan Insurance Brokers are proud to partner with Samsara, a leading tech company in innovative dash cam solutions.

What are Samsara Dash Cams?

By joining AI-powered harsh event detection, real-time coaching tools and easy-to-share video,

Samsara Dash Cams reduce the rate of accidents by 50% and decrease lower collision-related claims by up to 60%.

Samsara offers fleet managers simpler, more efficient ways to connect their operations, and stay on top of their safety programs. By combining location data, video footage, and a powerful cloud-based platform, Samsara lets fleet managers take control of their safety programs.

Through their fleet management software solution, fleet managers can benefit from:

  • Live vehicle location tracking
  • Trip histories
  • Driver scorecards and trend reports
  • Real-time access to footage immediately before and after harsh events such as sudden accelerations, harsh braking, or collisions.

Samsara Dash Cams FAQs

We’ve teamed up with Samsara to tackle the most commonly asked questions that their team receive regarding their dash cams.

What do Samsara Dash Cams record?

Samsara offers two types of dash cams.

The front-facing CM31 records the road, and the dual-facing CM32 records the road and inside your vehicle.

Both cameras have the ability to upload footage 10 seconds before and after a vehicle senses an incident.

What is the video quality?

The front-facing camera is HD 1080p with a 121° angle. The inward-facing camera is HD 720p with a 177° angle and has infrared LED for night time in-cab video. Both capture 30 frames per second.

How does the system know when there is an incident? An internal accelerometer identifies crashes, harsh braking, acceleration, and turning. The sensitivity is determined by the setting (i.e. car, van, or haulage truck), etc.

How do dash cams help drivers?

Video evidence is the best way to exonerate innocent drivers when they are made victim in not-at-fault accidents. Inward-facing cameras can also demonstrate that the driver was focused and not distracted.

Can anyone watch my dash cam footage live?

No. Video cannot be streamed live. Incident footage is uploaded once the event ends, and non-incident footage can be requested in short intervals. For the CM32 model, the prior 40 hours of driving time are accessible, and for the CM31, the previous 24 hours of driving time are accessible.

What happens if the camera gets disconnected?

Authorised users can set up alerts to get notified if/when a camera is disconnected.

What video footage is uploaded to the cloud?

Footage is automatically uploaded when a vehicle identifies an incident. On average, one vehicle has 0.5 incidents per week, which is only around 10 seconds of footage uploaded to the cloud.

Who can access the camera footage?

Only approved users can access or retrieve footage. Footage can be downloaded and shared with police and insurers at the company’s discretion.

Does the camera upload footage from speeding?

No. However, audio alerts can be activated to caution drivers when speeding occurs, and text and email alerts can be sent to managers directly.

We are proud to partner with Samsara, the leader in innovative dash cam solutions. Plan’s clients can claim a customer discount off all Samsara products by clicking here and filling out the form.

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