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How to change Fleet Insurer

Changing Fleet Insurer – Made Easy

Your fleet policy is likely to be one of your company’s most significant overheads. The route to substantial savings is far easier than you’d expect. We’ve outlined the simple steps you need to follow to obtain greater value by changing fleet insurer.

Business owners often tell us that they dread gathering quotes from alternative insurance providers. We’re always surprised to hear this. At Plan, we make the process as painless for proposers as possible: we will quickly establish your business activity, the level of cover you require and your target premium.

Then all you need to supply is the following three pieces of information:

  • Your claims experience – this can be obtained by requesting it from your current brokers. If they drag their heels you can always provide us with written permission (on your company’s headed paper) to acquire it on your behalf.
  • A full list of your company vehicles that require cover.
  • A full list of your company drivers that require cover.

Speak with our Fleet Experts

Once our fleet experts are armed with the above details, we’ll search the fleet insurance market on your company’s behalf. As a specialist in commercial motor insurance, we have established strong relationships with several of the leading fleet insurers.

We also have exclusive rates that no other supplier can offer!

Your alternative quotations will be professionally presented to you, and should you need advice, our experts will be on hand to guide you.

No long winded forms to complete, and proof of cover can be supplied virtually instantly!

And there you have it. The prospect of substantial savings by changing fleet insurer with minimal fuss.

To arrange a quote or to read more about our services, visit our dedicated fleet sections for taxi fleets or commercial vehicle fleets. Alternatively, you can request a call back to discuss your needs and speak to our expert team.

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