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Heathrow impose cap on drivers accessing their taxi rank

Heathrow Airport have announced a ‘1 in, 1 out’ policy for new drivers requesting access tags to the airport’s ranks.

In a letter circulated to cabbies across the UK, the team at Heathrow Taxi Management made a statement regarding the need to impose a 1 in 1 out policy for the Heathrow taxi feeder park system.

“This policy means that new drivers are only able to join the Heathrow taxi feeder park system and receive a tag and booster when an existing driver closes their account at Heathrow.

“All drivers who register their interest in joining the system will be added to a waiting list. Details will be taken and you will be contacted when it is your turn to receive a Tag.

“Please provide your mobile number and your email address to allow us the best possible opportunity of contacting you.

“Please note that when a place becomes available, we will contact you and you will have 24 hours before we move on to the next driver on the list.”

The latest decision from the airport is one of many of rulings set to tighten down on the number of taxis accessing the airport at a time.

Last month, London Heathrow announced that passenger cars and Private Hire vehicles intending to park or drop off a passenger will have to pay a one-off charge if their vehicle doesn’t meet the same minimum-emissions standards as the ULEZ. This charge will apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While Black Cab drivers will be exempt from this charge, they will be subject to the Heathrow VAC charge when it comes online with the new runway.

The exact amount of the pollution charge has not yet been published, but it is reported that this charge will fall between £10 and £15.

London taxi organisation, The United Cabbies Group shared their reaction to the decision via Twitter.

They tweeted:

The UCG is totally against the Heathrow Feeder Park Tag waiting list system now in force.
The licensed trade is, once again, suffering restriction of trade whilst PH can use the much larger car park without let or hindrance.
We would ask all orgs to support our objections — United Cabbies Group (@UnitedCabbies) June 5, 2019

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