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No-deal Brexit – Green Cards for Drivers

UK drivers looking to drive their vehicles in other European countries will need to carry a ‘green card’ if the UK leaves the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement set up.

What is a green card?

A Green Card is an international insurance document which provides proof of motor insurance cover. Drivers will need to carry the physical Green Card at all times when travelling in a vehicle in the European Economic Area (EEA) and other countries like Andorra and Switzerland. A full list of EEA countries is can be found here.

What does a green card look like?

Green Cards are a hard copy document which is printed on green paper or with a green background.

Green Cards – Further information

A National Insurers’ Bureau (Green Card Bureau) assures that a victim of a road traffic accident caused by a foreign vehicle, originating from a country participating in the Green Card system, will be compensated in the country of the accident. The National Insurers’ Bureau of the country of accident can then recuperate all the compensation paid from the Bureau of the country from where the liable vehicle originates under international agreements. Motorists who intend to drive across the channel have been cautioned to apply for a green card, or risk penalties for driving without insurance.

Each Green Card Bureau has two functions:

  • As a “Bureau of the country of the accident” or “Handling Bureau”, it has responsibility, in line with national laws governing compulsory motor insurance, for the handling and settlement of claims arising from accidents caused by visiting motorists.
  • As a “Guaranteeing Bureau” it guarantees the settlement of claims arising from UK vehicles in the entire Green Card system. (

David Fitzgerald, MIBI chief executive has advised drivers that there is still time to get a Green Card before Brexit begins:

“We would encourage anyone who needs one to contact their insurance provider this week if they have not already done so, or if they have yet to receive a communication from their insurer on this matter.”

What does this mean for our clients?

We recommend all Plan Clients wishing to drive their vehicles within the EEA and who do not currently possess a Green Card, to use the contact details below to request a Green Card ideally 4 weeks before their scheduled trip date. We will then contact your insurance provider and a Green Card will be issued to you. For Green Card requests and all other queries related to taking your vehicle abroad, contact us: 
By Phone 0333 003 0611
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