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Great Value for Money on Chauffeur Insurance

The Chauffeur industry has been as hard hit as any by the recent economic melt down.

However insurance expert Tony Gutteridge explains the necessity of looking for greater value in your insurance rather than simply plumping for a cheaper option.
By earning their living offering a premium, high end and often luxury service to high rollers a Chauffeur driver’s book of clientele and in turn their earning potential is as vulnerable in a time of recession as the jobs of those city boys that many hold responsible for the situation in the first place.
Thus it is out of necessity in the current economic climate that many Chauffeur drivers are seeking to cut costs, and one of their major over heads is their insurance.
Tony Gutteridge explains,

At Chauffeur Plan Insurance we offer incredibly competitive Chauffeur Insurance policies but what we don’t do is cut back on the cover that we offer you to provide savings that in the long term are going to cost you a lot more.
We offer low cost rates for example by allowing 50% second vehicle discounts and free spouse cover. In addition to our competitive rates we’re able to be very flexible with our payment options for example by lowering your direct debit deposit amount.

Tony continues,

The benefits of our policies are often extensive. They can include; protected no claims bonus from 1 year, a replacement vehicle in the event of both fault & non fault accidents, free nationwide breakdown cover incl. home-start, free legal expenses, complete accident management cover and unlimited vehicle glass cover.
The majority of these benefits come as standard and could prove invaluable assistance should the unexpected occur.
For a Chauffeur to be without their vehicle either due to a breakdown or an accident even just for a day could cause serious problems in terms of our client’s book of business or their cash flow. So ensuring these features are in place at the inception should be a priority for any Chauffeur driver.
It’s the difference between getting excellent value for your insurance premium or getting a piece of paper which in essence just makes you road legal and not much else.

If you would like to see how much you could save with Chauffeur Plan’s expert advice and excellent low cost policies call Chauffeur Plan now on 0800 542 2723. Plan Insurance has been in operation since 2001 and specialises in Haulage Insurance, Truck Insurance, Chauffeur Insurance, Motor trade Insurance and Landlords Insurance. Chauffeur Plan Insurance is a trading name of The Plan Group Ltd. The Plan Group Limited offers an extensive range of insurance products via specialist departments Plan Insurance, Commercial Plan Insurance, Chauffeur Plan Insurance and Trade Plan Insurance.
*NB – since this post date we have undergone a re-brand to update our image and our brand. The various sub-brand departments that were within Plan Insurance such as Taxi Plan, Commercial Plan, Trade plan etc. were brought together under the one name of Plan Insurance Brokers. Read more about our re-brand here.